Things that might cause your SEO ranking to drop

Things that might cause your SEO ranking to drop

The ranking of SEO by  Google is quite important. This decides the position of the company in many different dimensions. This makes the company lose customers. The website of shows relevant information regarding SEO. The other reasons are mentioned below.

  1. You’re tracking the wrong rankings.

This is a major mistake committed by most people. The people are when searching for a name, or type for a particular company may make a mistake in typing out the correct name in the proper font and type. This makes the name of the company wrong and provides the wrong information about the company. The entire sentences may come wrong and the keyword of the company may be completely missing.

One must try to the lookout in the information properly with correct and accurate sentences which are bound to provide direct information about the company they are searching for. The generic keywords can be used as well to search for the correct information. You may not know it but many companies all over the world exist with very similar names. This causes confusion and if the names are not provided properly then the wrong company may be tracked in the process of ranking. Proper and special keywords must be provided.

  1. New website.

When a new website is launched or a new design for an existing website is launched the ranking will fall automatically without the interference of the matter that you had prepared enough for the launch. The new website may be a lot better but the ranking will fall just due to the fact that it is new. The drop can be minimized by using the techniques of the 301 redirect plan. This cannot prevent but can reduce the listing of the rank to a great extent. But the ranking will definitely fall and the owner must be ready for it. This condition will continue until one month or two months at the most. If the website is found useful, the ranking will increase again.

  1. Google “dance”.

The fluctuations of the ranks in the Google system is not very uncommon. The values even vary from one computer to another during the process of being named at a position. This causes conditions which are indeed very confusing but not a bit troublesome. The ranking may be good enough but not visible on the particular device you are checking it on. Google does the proof testing of every single variable which can never be detected always in the changing search results. The SEO firm may be providing you with a ranking report and the results in your company might be different. This is due to the dance of Google in the matter of providing a rank. Small drops can be explained by the phenomenon of Google dance.

  1. Losing good links.

A huge drop in ranking may be observed if the quality of the links falls. The loss of good links to a website may cause a drop in the rankings. The solution to this particular issue is to bring back the high-quality links and this can be down commercially or naturally. Whatever it might be, the quality of links must always be high and content must not be lost. The mere presence of helpful Content to the users can bring up the rank of the websites.

  1. New website no longer.

You can have a redesigned website that is going to replace the obsolete website and the ranking will come down. The values of e ranking will move up again and then continuing as such for some time, might show a slight decrease. This is caused due to very common reasons for fluctuations in business. This is not a major problem and does not need to be worried about but the company needs to be very patient about it. This has been a common occurrence in the ranking system. The best practice is to invest in SEO. The long term rankings need much work and devotion.

  1. Low-quality links.

The common mistake made by most of the companies is by making itself prey to the offer of many links and the price of these links is very low. The search engine spamming may occur if the quality of these huge numbers of links is not good enough. If the site is deemed to be harmful by Google due to these links, the ranking is sure to fall. You must always make an effort to clear out the unnecessary number of links on your website and the other sites which are going to recommend your own website. As a matter of last resort, you may disavow these unnecessary links.

These were some reasons due to which there is a fall in the rank of the SEO ranking of Google.