What Are the Best Times to Go to Universal Studios?

Over ten million people visit Universal Studios in Orlando, FL each year. That is a staggering number, and if you attend during the wrong time of year, you will be waiting in long lines. Everywhere you turn will be large crowds of people. 

It doesn’t have to be that way though. There are certain times of the year when the visitor numbers are lighter. This means shorter lines and more fun for you and your family. 

The Best Times to Visit

While there is never a time when the park is deserted, there are times of the year when the foot traffic is lighter. We considered both the size of the crowds and the weather when picking the best times to visit. 

January and Early February 

This is the slow season for Orlando in general. This means you’ll score some good deals on flights, rental cars, and hotels. 

Most kids are back to school for the second half of the year, so you won’t see many families. It also happens to be the coldest and driest month in Florida. So you won’t contend with blazing heat and rains. 

April and May 

Going during this time will require a bit of strategic planning. If you avoid the school holidays and seasonal breaks, then you will still have lighter crowds. 

When it comes to weather, you’ll have some of the best Florida has to offer. Warm and sunny but not too hot. 

You are also right in the middle of the swing from off-season and peak season. This means you’ll still be able to score some deals when it comes to travel expenses. 

September Through November 

It should be no surprise that this is also a great time to visit the theme park. The kids are back at school so you’ll have light crowds. 

The only downside to going during this time is that it is hot, humid, and rainy. It is also during hurricane season. Depending on how active the season is, this can cancel your whole trip. 

If you decide to go during this time, be careful to avoid these times, as crowds tend to pick up: 

  • Fall break
  • UK’s half term holiday
  • Halloween 
  • Thanksgiving 


Going during Christmas is more about experiencing something magical. The entire park is decorated for the season. There are also special events and can’t miss shows. 

You’ll have to contend with more dense crowds. Travel expenses might be higher for holiday travel too. 

But all of this is worth it to have a truly magical experience that elevates your visit to this famous theme park. 

You can always save some money while you explore Universal buy purchasing a VIP tour in advance. This will offset those long lines and crowds during this time of year. 

Visit Universal Studios

When it comes time to plan your visit to Universal Studios, think about which one of these times will work best with your schedule. You should also consider the weather. 

Then consider your budget and how the seasonal price changes work with how much you are willing to spend. 

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