Watch Out: The 5 Hottest Watch Trends of 2019 You Need to Know Now

If you think watches are a thing of the past, you’re thinking wrong. In fact, the watch market is expected to grow by 0.8 percent annually in upcoming years.

Wearing a watch on our writs isn’t purely for the function of telling time. Instead, it serves as a stylish accessory and, often, a symbol of wealth and status. People like to look at wristwatches, and no one can deny that there’s an air of professionalism around anyone who wears one.

This is going to be a big year for watch purchases, so read on to learn the best watch trends of 2019!


Of course, one of the most current trends in our society is to take something traditional and put a modern spin on it. The watch is no exception. One of the biggest watch trends of 2019 will surely continue to be the Smartwatch.

Smartwatches can hook up to your iPhone or Android. This is great because you can take calls or read and reply to texts, all while never having to fumble with your bag looking for your phone. 

Rose Gold

On the side of more traditional watches, rose gold wristbands are becoming more and more popular. A lot of woman’s jewelry has begun to use rose gold to put a funky and feminine spin on traditional metals. Women’s watches have begun to use this metal a lot, making it one of the hugest watch trends for the upcoming year.

If you’re a woman looking to spruce up your style, a rose gold watch might just be the thing for you. If you’re a gentleman, get a lady in your life one of these amazing accessories to let her know she’s appreciated.

Squared Up

When people think of square watch faces, they tend to think back to the styles of past decades. But you know the old phrase: history repeats itself? Well, that’s definitely the case here, since square watches are making a comeback.

These watches go with everything because of their geometric shape. Whether you’re wearing a solid color, stripes, plaid, or other patterns, a square watch will definitely bring out the best in your outfit. Be bold and look into this option!

Bigger And Better

Speaking of bold watches, large faces on these accessories are making a comeback. Look, for example, at tag watches. Watches with big faces loo confident, bold, and stand out against your wrist, begging to be noticed.

People will notice, too, when you make the daring move to get one of these striking watches!

Look Out For Watch Trends

There are a lot of watch trends coming up in 2019, and if you keep your eye on them, you’re sure to be the most stylish person in your home or office.

Now that you know all about watches, which inspire confidence, check out this article on other ways that you can stay confident even when others try to get you down.

Tick, tock! Your new watch awaits!