Know How To Keep Your Swag On With These Confidence Boosters

Looking good is not an easy business. People think it doesn’t take much effort to look fashionable and swag, but it does. It requires planning and buying the right stuff, and then knowing how to match them together. Still, being swag isn’t just about the wardrobe. It’s more about a mindset and an attitude. Sure, the necklace and the cap help, but being swag means everything you say and do is cool, not just your outfit.


Being swag means owning up your traits, and being confident all the time. Having a new haircut and new clothes and yet acting all worried would do a lot to affect your cool, and people will notice. Be confident and let people see that. If you take care of that confidence part, next comes the clothes. You’d be surprised how much your wardrobe helps in giving you confidence. You can’t very well be swag wearing a turtleneck and plaid pants. Being swag means having style, and that requires some wardrobe changes.

Clean Your Wardrobe

You need to check your wardrobe and clean it out of anything that’s old or outdated. Lose any clothes, that’s worn out, torn, or stained. And make sure all your current outfits are trendy and follow fashion.

Swag Research

Look up recent trends and look up online the most current swag styles in order to be well acquainted with what experts have to say. You need to know the rules first of dressing swag if you’re going to break them.


When it comes to looking swag, jewelry plays a very important part in that area. You need to start introducing jewelry into your wardrobe and choose the right pieces that fit your style. Hip hop chains are a good place to start. And choosing the proper chain isn’t as easy as it might sound. You need to choose a chain that matches your outfit and compliments your style. Go for chains that look expensive and that have cool pendants. There are some awesome ideas for pendants out there and some come in very cool designs. Yet, don’t wear something just because it looks expensive; choose a chain that expresses your personality, something people will say and know it’s all you.


Next, you can go with bracelets. Now, those are a little bit more difficult because if you don’t choose the right style of bracelets, it can look cheap and outdated. Golden bracelets, with the occasional diamond bits, always scream style and give an everlasting impression.

Watches also are one of the first things people notice when it comes to style. In short, don’t go and wear something your father would wear.


People notice shoes. They instantly pay attention to what a person is wearing on their feet. This is why you need to choose a pair of shoes that compliment your style and don’t look odd or out of place. Go for bright colors that are certain to catch people’s attention.

Create your own style

At the end of the day, even if you know all the items that could give you confidence, you need to develop your own style. Try mixing up between different pieces and styles till you finally reach something you feel best expresses your personality. Remember this, the clothes don’t make the person. They’re only here to give you confidence, and swag is all about that.