Top Five Hottest Female Characters in Video Games You’d Like to Date

Who doesn’t love beautiful female characters in video games? This Ukrainian women site is offering the opportunity to check out their list of the hottest female characters in Android games that you’d like to date. Some of this is, of course, subjective and should be left to personal taste 🙂

Cassie Cage from Mortal Kombat
The Mortal Kombat franchise is typically associated with blood and guts, which makes no surprise, considering the fact you are risking either to have you face bitten off or your spine to be ripped out. At the same time, the franchise manage to produce interesting female characters. Cassie Cage is a newcomer to the franchise, but she’s already considered to be the hottest female character in Mortal Kombat, and you can see where it’s coming from. She’s a daughter of Johnny Cage and Sonia Blade, which means that she inherited her mother’s beauty and her father’s wit. Needless to say that she’s not just a simple looker. Her character is quite an interesting choice to play.

Kasumi from Dead or Alive
Dead or Alive franchise is over twenty years old and Kasumi was in the franchise from the very starts. Being one of the major protagonists of the franchise, it makes no surprise that she has a loyal following among the gamers. With her charm and fighting skills, she easily became the most recognizable female character in the Dead or Alive series. Her outfits also had changed a few times, so pick the one you choose, the more conventional costume of the previous releases or the light dress code of their new counterparts. Regardless of how many clothes Kasumi has, she’s definitely one of the hottest female characters in Android games.

Juliet Starling from Lollipop Chainsaw
Zombie apocalypse remains one of the most popular staple for cultural depiction in the world. So, it makes no surprise that a heroine from the zombie-themed game will end up on our list. Frequently called the most beautiful female character in gaming of the last decade, Juliet Starling is definitely hot, especially when she’s killing the hordes of zombies with her chainsaw. The only bad thing, she’s taken, as wherever she goes, she has the head of her dead boyfriend with her.

Catherine from Catherine
Catherine is an-action adventure game, and Catherine is the main villain. Yep, you heard it right. The protagonist is Vincent who starts having big problems after cheating on her girlfriend Katherine with Catherine. But you can kinda understand Vincent, as Catherine is definitely hot.

Lara Croft from Tomb Raider
Thanks to the reboot we have two variants of Lara. The fist one is the experienced Lara that is making her way with big guns. The second one is her younger self, that has nothing but her wit to survive. Regardless whether you stick with the original or the reboot, both Laras are hot.