The Ultimate Guide on Finding the Best Royalty Free Music Sites

Are you interested in becoming a vlogger? Do you make videos on a regular basis that need background music? 

There are such great songs that you’re likely tempted to play in your videos. But, did you know publishing licensed music without paying royalties is illegal? It might feel like copyright laws limit your creativity, but you have options. 

Keep reading to find out more about royalty free music sites.  

About Royalty Free Music 

What is royalty free music and why should it matter to you? 

It’s a common misconception that royalty free music is free of charge. Sorry to break it to you, but that isn’t the case. Royalty free music means that you don’t have to pay for each time you use a certain song on your video. 

In other words, you’re paying for a song, but only once. After a one-time fee—that gives you the license to play the song—you never pay again. It’s simple, and it’s a life-saver for anyone that publishes their own videos. 

The Best Royalty Free Music Sites

Have you ever watched popular YouTuber’s and wondered what music they use? These sites give you a variety of music to use in your own YouTube videos. 

1. Soundstripe 

Whether you’re a vlogger or work in other video related careers, the sound is a big deal. You can’t create a moving film without the right music to set the foundation. That’s why having a range of music at your fingertips is so important.

Soundstripe has many genres from which to choose. They also give you one of the best search methods around. Sort by vocal type, category, genre, and much more. Plus, you can create your own music library to save and keep track of any music you like. 

2. Pond5

Another of the best royalty free music sites to use is Pond5. Especially if you’re looking for more than your average search list. 

This site has a wider range of music, from background music to tracks. Sound effects are also available, as well as many other media types. Pond5 is great for those who need a multi-use site. 

3. YouTube Audio Library 

YouTube has rewarded vloggers with its very own library of music. 

This is perfect for those who use the platform more than any other. It means you don’t have to go far to get the background music you need. They have a large list of music for their users, and it’s not difficult to figure out.

For Your Entertainment 

The bottom line is, when you create original videos, music is one of your main concerns. When you find the right royalty free music sites for you, it becomes much easier. It’s the best way to make sure your videos are great without breaking the bank. 

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