Memories to Look Back On: 8 Tips for Choosing the Best Wedding Videographer to Document Your Big Day

Are you looking for ways to make your wedding the event of the century? Do you wish that you had some way to preserve all the memories of your big day?

The average cost of a wedding is more than $30,000, but what are you really getting for your money? Formal photographs are beautiful, but they don’t always convey the emotion of walking down the aisle or your first dance as a couple. 

If you’re interested in taking your wedding to the next level, this article’s for you. We’ll give you the inside scoop on hiring a wedding videographer and help you find an experienced professional. 

1. Ask for Referrals

The first step in finding a videographer for wedding videos is to ask friends and family for referrals. Do they know someone who’s got great editing skills and a dedicated team?

When you’re asking for referrals, make sure you check into the price of a professionally-edited wedding video. You might need to budget up to $3,000 for a finished video because prices can soar during busy times of the year. 

If you’re getting married in the spring or fall, you may be able to score deep discounts with all of your wedding vendors. Always ask your videographers if they offer a referral discount. 

In general, try to start looking for videographers about six months before your wedding. The best professionals keep a busy schedule and may be booked for months in advance. 

2. Consider Coverage Options

If you’re looking for budget wedding videos, you do have a few options. You can get a videographer to cover your ceremony and skip the reception. 

If you’re willing to splurge, you can get coverage of everything: the rehearsal dinner, the bride’s preparation, the ceremony, and the reception. 

Modern wedding videos can capture your vows, all of your wedding toasts, and well-wishes from your bridal party and guests.

Your videographer may work with a team of experienced professionals who will provide you with an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look into your entire wedding.

To save money, you may want to ask if they can film with a smaller crew. If you have a wedding planner, introduce them to your videographer as soon as possible.

Your planner will be responsible for managing the catering, the video crew, and other wedding vendors.  

3. Review Sample Videos

Once you’ve narrowed down your search to two or three videographers, you should always ask to see examples of their work. You have to make sure that the videographer understands your style: documentary, glamour, or informal.

Whether it’s an elopement or a wedding with a sit-down dinner, only hire a videographer whose talent shines through in their work. 

Finding the best wedding videographer in the world is essential, so take your time and watch at least 10 videos before you decide. 

So what are you looking for? A great soundtrack, an emotional experience, and complete coverage of the wedding day. A great wedding video will include close-ups of the ceremony and be clearly audible. 

You don’t want to shell out for a professional video, only to find that they missed the spoken part of your ceremony. 

4. Look Beyond Your Local Area

If you have the budget, you might as well aim high. Look for videographers who can travel to meet you and film your wedding. 

It’s an investment, but you will never regret the money you spent on a wedding video. You may have to pay for your videographer’s hotel and travel expenses, but you’ll be getting a seasoned pro with the experience you need. 

If you’re having a destination wedding, you may be able to score discounts on blocks of hotel rooms anyway. You don’t have to add too much to your budget to get an out-of-town video professional. 

Also, remember that while your videographer technically isn’t a guest, they’ll need to eat and take rest breaks throughout the day. Packages can range from an hour to 10 hours, depending on your needs. 

Make sure they’re happy and you’ll get a perfect video! 

5. Schedule a Meeting

One of the ways you’ll know if the videographer is right for you is by sitting down and meeting with them. If their base of operations is in another state or country, try to meet via video chat before you sign a contract. 

The ideal videographer should be like a fly on the wall, capturing your big day without disrupting the flow of your party. 

When you meet with your videographer, ask them about their guarantees. How long will the video be? How long will you have to wait to receive it?

How many years have they been working in the field? Do they have a positive rating with the Better Business Bureau

How do they handle customer complaints? It’s vital to know what you’re getting into before you commit.

6. Communicate Expectations Clearly

Before your wedding date, it’s a good idea to set some expectations with your wedding videographer. If there is a certain soundtrack you’d like to use on your final video, submit the music as soon as possible. 

If there is a certain dress code, let the videographer know before the wedding. You don’t want to have them in a tuxedo for an informal country wedding. 

Ideally, you’ll have some lead time to make sure everyone’s on the same page. Make sure that they capture your exit from the limo, you walk down the aisle, your first dance, and your departure to your honeymoon.  

Your wedding day shouldn’t have any stress points, so it’s okay to delegate. If you don’t have a wedding planner and you’re feeling overwhelmed, ask one of your bridesmaids to talk to your videographer about what you need. 

7. Confirm Contract Details

Once you’ve found your videographer and explained your needs, it’s time to confirm your contract details. What would happen, for example, if you needed to change the date of your wedding at the last minute?

What is their plan if it rains? 

What if you don’t like the finished product? How many hours are they willing to put into re-editing the video if you aren’t happy? 

Would they return your deposit if the finished video isn’t up to snuff?

You should end up with a 10 to 15-minute video of the emotional highlights of your wedding, along with an hour or more of raw footage that includes comments from your friends and family.

Before you sign, make sure that your details are all on point. 

8. Do a Test Run

If you can, take your videographer to your wedding venue about a week before the big event. They can test their lighting and adjust their sound equipment to avoid echos and feedback. 

If they’re not available, see if they’ll show up early for your wedding rehearsal to tune their equipment. The wedding videographer cost should include at least 15 minutes to make sure that they’re able to get good video indoors. 

You might find that the light in your wedding venue is too dim, or that the sound is muddy. Let your wedding planner interface with the venue, the vendors, and the videography team.

Professional videographers will work with you to make sure you’re portrayed in a flattering light.

Don’t want to be filmed from the side or from behind? Make sure you tell them all the little details during your test run.

How to Save Money on Your Wedding Videos

The good news about wedding videos is that there are several ways to get discounts. You can always try to negotiate a lower price with the videographer.

You may also be able to hire a photographer and videographer as a package deal. Some venues will even include their own videographer as part of their wedding package. 

Another way to save money on your wedding videos is to cut off coverage after your ceremony and entrance to your reception. You could also have your guests do the filming and then have a professional edit their footage. 

If you do a DIY wedding video, though, you risk having incomplete coverage or bad audio. Investing in a videographer will allow you to guarantee a certain level of quality and give you peace of mind. 

Is a Wedding Videographer an Absolute Must?

Wedding videography is more than just a passing trend. It’s a way to preserve the best parts of your wedding and has a souvenir that you can watch for years to come. 

If you’re thinking of renewing your vows, it’s the perfect time to get a wedding videographer. You can also hire them for engagement parties, wedding anniversary parties, or for bridal showers. 

No matter how much you end up paying, you know that you’re going to get professional taping and editing services. Make sure that you find a seasoned pro who can deliver exactly what you want. 

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