Backyard Oasis: The Top 3 Most Crucial Considerations During Patio Design

An outdoor space adds functionality and extra space to your home. That is why it is considered the most favored special function room among home homers.

But, the cost usually outweighs the resell value. 

To get the most out of your patio design, make a plan before you get started on remodeling your backyard.

Read on to found out the 3 important factors to discuss when designing your next outdoor oasis. 

What Kind of View Would You Like?

The layout of patio designs should first be based on the view you will get while entertaining or relaxing. This includes the sun’s location, tree shade, and neighboring houses.

Getting some shade during a hot summer day is essential on your backyard patio, but if your facing west, missing the sunset would be a failure.

Consider outdoor patio ideas that use natural shade like trees to work on a budget while placing furniture so you also have a nice view.

If you have neighbors bordering your yard, placing your main living area properly is essential for privacy. Try adding some shrubs or a vine wall to give your space a secluded garden feel.

Use these gardening tips to make the view of your own backyard pleasant and green.

What Will Your Use Your Patio For?

A big part of designing outdoor patios is the way you use it. Will it have seating, a place to serve food, lighting for night time use?

Also, think about whether you will use the space all year. You may want to include a heat source like a fireplace or covered patio ideas to keep rain, snow, and sun off of your space.

Your lifestyle will also play a part in your furniture and material choice. Comfortable chairs may be needed if you plan to lounge outside. Or if you have children, you may not want small stones as your flooring.

Maintaining a balance of concrete and grass keeps your backyard functional and natural. Think about how much hard surface you will need for the amount of furniture you will incorporate.

How Much Maintenance Will Your Patio Design Require?

Not only is functionality a determining factor in your design, but upkeep will also impact your decisions and your budget.

If you already have a concert slab, using a concrete leveling service will make your choices easier and your cost lower. You will save on materials and have a starting point for your design.

Landscaping can also be time-consuming, so think about how much work will be involved in mowing grass, watering plants, and keeping the furniture protected.

These factors should also be placed within your budget if you need to hire a gardener to care for the lawn or a power washer to clean surfaces.

Making the Outdoors Part of Your Home

A perfect patio design resembles the inside of your home, but with the benefits of nature. Remember that your design should reflect your home’s ambiance and authentic but also stand up to weather.

And to make your backyard an extension of your home, take fun indoor activities outdoors like watching one of these great family movies on your patio.