Keep These Things in Your Mind Before Travelling With Your Dog

There are many reasons why you might decide to travel with your favorite pet. Maybe you want the dog to explore a different environment, or you want to take great pictures, or perhaps, you want to spend quality time with your four-legged friend. Whatever the reasons, it’s essential to consider all the things which might cause obstacles to your vacation or trip, and find early solutions. You should plan well for the journey, and also, collect all the crucial documents that you will require.


Consider these helpful tips as you continue planning to travel with your favorite furry friend.

Plan on how you will keep your dog safe

Start planning on the steps that you will take to keep your dog safe. You can drive while holding your dog on your lap, but you can quickly endanger your safety or the dog too. For instance, the wiggly dog can easily interfere with your vision or even interfere with the pedals and other driving essentials. You can improve the safety of your dog by getting a sturdy travel kennel. The best kennel should be large enough to accommodate the size of the dog and also allow the dog to move freely. However, if you will be traveling by air, carry the dog carrier traveling requirements.

Choose a friendly destination or your dog

Consider your dog’s requirement when choosing a holiday destination. Some places are not conducive for many dogs’ breeds, and you can quickly get sick or get affected health-wise. Other places, too, restrict the presence of dogs. If you are planning to visit a site that you have never been before, carry out a pre-visit journey to study the climate, the environment, and the rules which relate to dogs.

Consider the accommodation

Do not forget your dog’s needs as you plan for your accommodation. Many hotels and accommodation facilities may not allow you to check-in with your four-legged friend, and this means that you consider their areas with dog-friendly cottages. As seen on, there are many pet-friendly cottages for people traveling with dogs. The cottages vary in size, design, color, and other features, giving dog owners the freedom to choose the best according to the budget. Ensure that your destination has suitable cottages and other accommodation essentials for your dog.

Monitor your dog’s health

Just like people, dogs too get tired and exhausted, especially after a long trip. For this reason, you should always monitor the health condition of your dog. When you take a drink, give the dog water too to prevent it from getting dehydrated. Also, provide it with plenty of water and food at least three hours before you board your plane. Do not store your pet in the cargo area as it might quickly get suffocated and die. Lastly, carry calming supplements and other medications if your dog has anxiety, or has any other underlying medical condition.

Get a health certificate for your dog

A health certificate is an essential requirement for people traveling with dogs. The certificate describes the general health of the dog. Other people, such as the airline staff and the hotel managers, refer to that certificate whenever they need to find out the health status of the dog. You should carry the certification in all the places that you go with your dog.

Carry excess money

Do not carry an exact amount of money when traveling with your dog, for the obvious reasons. For instance, the pet might catch a cold or get allergic reactions making it necessary to seek medical attention. Besides, your plane, train, or the means of transport you use might ask for additional money for the excess baggage. When you have surplus money, you will always be at peace, irrespective of what happens during your trip.

Leave the dog if you are in doubt

As much as you would like to travel with your dog, sometimes, it may be better to leave the dog at home. For instance, if your dog is vulnerable to temperature changes or it gets sick when it travels for a long distance, consider leaving it to avoid costly problems in the future. All that you have to do is to find a trusted dog sitter who can take care of your pet when you are away.

If you love your dog, it will be almost impossible to travel without it. You should, however, make the right preparations and consider all the factors which might affect your trip. Keep the above things in mind, and you will have an enjoyable journey with little or no frustrations.