Keep On Ticking: Best Watch Bands to Choose From

Did you know the global market for watches is expected to be over $50 billion U.S. by 2022?

It’s no surprise that although most people now use their smartphones to see what time it is watches are still considered fashionable.

Have you noticed how many different types of band options you have to make sure you have the right watch for every outfit?

Keep reading to learn what to look for when you’re searching for the best watch bands for either yourself or to gift someone.

What to Look for When Searching for the Best Watch Bands

It doesn’t matter what you need a watch for there is something for everyone nowadays. Whether you need a watch while you’re working out or a fancy one for your next date the band will play a role in this decision.

Every strap is a little different and the perfect one is only defined by what would be perfect for you and your needs.

Let’s chat about the different types of bands:

Nato Strap 

This particular band is made out of nylon and there are endless designs and colors available to choose from. This type originates from the military that’s where the band was originally used.

This is great for an active lifestyle and if you’re going to be anywhere near water while you’re sporting your watch. Discover more about this strap right here.


This type of band became popular during World War II. The bands material is made from leather and originally was made to fit over a pilot’s jacket. Keep in mind that this band is on the larger side compared to others making it look its best with a pilot watch face.


This band is considered a bracelet band type. Thanks to Rolex this band type is one of the most popular bracelet models out there. Almost every Rolex watch to date has been made with the Oyster band type.

People also love this band type because it’s durable and due to its material you don’t have to worry about the band stretching. If you’re looking for a durable band that looks great for any occasion then Oyster might be the band for you.


If you are a swimmer, diver or in the water a lot then a rubber watch band might be the band you’re looking for. This band type is breathable, water and sweat resistant making it perfect to be around water.

Another great thing about this band type is its durability making a favorite among those with an active lifestyle.

Happy Watch Hunting

Now that you know what to look for in the best watch bands it’s time for the fun part – shopping. Time to choose the perfect watch or watches for whatever occasion you might need.

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