Why You Should Celebrate Your Birthday in Paris

In 2017, Paris hit an all-time tourism high with 40 million tourists visiting Greater Paris that year. 

Any visit to Paris turns an ordinary vacation into a stunning, spectacular event. For birthdays especially, a trip to Paris guarantees memories that are bound to last a lifetime. 

Make your next birthday magical with these five wonderful ways to celebrate your birthday in Paris!

1. Relax & Unwind

Treat yourself! Our Paris birthday ideas are all about helping you make the most of your birthday vacation.

Take a trip to the spa and get pampered as a part of your birthday celebration. That way, you’ll feel relaxed and refreshed after that long plane ride. A spa day can help relieve jet lag and lingering work-related stress, too.

That way, you can focus on your birthday in Paris—not on everything you left behind.

2. Take a Private Tour

Turn your birthday in Paris into a truly unique experience with private tours. With so much to see in Paris, guided tours can ensure you don’t miss out.

That includes the Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Paris Catacombs, Notre-Dame Cathedral, and so much more. With so much history and gems throughout the city, private tours can give you an exclusive, information look.

According to Statista, there were 10 million visits to the Louvre in 2018. Make this former royal residence a part of your list of Paris birthday ideas.

With the best private tours Louvre has to offer, you can explore the world-renowned art museum with an expert guide.

3. Snap Up a Photo Shoot

Take a piece of Paris’ beauty home with you. Instead of snapping quick selfies, take the time to schedule your very own photoshoot.

A professional photographer can help immortalize your birthday trip to Paris with stunning photos. 

Consider it a gift to yourself! With these photos, you can look back on the memories of your trip. Have fun during the photoshoot, too.

After all, it’s your birthday!

4. Shop Nonstop

Get yourself a scarf or handbag from the great names of fashion while you’re in Paris. If you’re on a budget, go window shopping instead and let the beauty of it all wash over you. 

Check out these tips for traveling on a dime to make the most of your shopping budget!

5. Head Out for High Tea

The country’s luxury hotels offer deliciously sweet treats such as macarons and mille-feuilles. Get all dressed up and toast your birthday before grabbing a box of pastries to go!

If you’re not big on tea, arrange a fancy dinner at one of Paris’ exquisite restaurants. Spoil your tastebuds with an authentic French meal during your birthday in Paris.

Celebrate in Style: 5 Reasons to Celebrate a Birthday in Paris

With these five reasons to celebrate your birthday in Paris, you can celebrate chic and in style! Turn your next birthday into a memory that lasts a lifetime.

What are you waiting for? Book that ticket and start celebrating.

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