Dealing With Breakups the Proper Way

As we go through our journey in life and experience relationships to learn and grow from them, it is more or less inevitable that at some point, we’re going to have to experience heartbreak. Breakups are not easy, by any means, no matter how much you’ve given advice to your friends, or no matter how many times you may have gone through it yourself. It’s also common for breakups to be messy, but regardless of whether you break up in a civil or messy manner, it’s what comes after that really matters.

This is why we’re going to fill you in on the correct way to deal with a breakup so that you can come out on the other side the best version of yourself.

Don’t get mad – don’t get even

There are many instances where breakups occur because of not so pleasant situations, and when this happens, it’s more than likely that you’re going to be experiencing a lot of heated emotions. For example, if your girlfriend has cheated on you, this is something that is bound to really hurt you in more ways than one- your pride, your feelings and your self-esteem will all take a hit. If you’re not sure what to do with the influx of emotions, you can start off with this article, which will guide you through different scenarios. The key here is to understand that it’s important that you don’t let your emotions get the best of you, and bring out the worst in you. You will only regret your reaction later on. There’s no use for you, as a person, to get mad and vow to get even – it’s really useless. It’s better to walk away from the situation, be the bigger person, and never look back.

Take a step back and assess

The best way to deal with a breakup is not to go on an all night bender and drink till you can’t see straight – it’s not to avoid what happens and try to bury your pain. The best way is to actually first remember to breathe, and then try to take a step back and try to assess the situation as if you were someone else looking in on your relationship with this person. Chances are, you’ll be able to see a lot of things that you probably weren’t aware of while you were in the relationship. You may just realize why you needed to break up with this person, and you’re probably going to learn a lot about yourself as well.

Express yourself

The worst thing you can do is try to bury whatever it is you’re feeling and expect to move on in a positive and healthy way. It is imperative that you find a way to express yourself. Whether it’s talking to your closest friends, writing it down, or even going to a therapist if need be. There is absolutely nothing wrong with admitting to others and especially yourself that you may be struggling with the effects of the breakup, and that you need help. It’s important to deal with your emotions and to express yourself so that you can move on.

Moving forward

In order to be able to move forward in a way where you can be certain is final, you need to really understand yourself. Understand, first of all, that every single person that comes into our lives comes in for a reason, and if they are no longer a part of your life, then it’s for a good reason. The important thing is that to move forward, you have to really humble yourself so that you are able to take something positive from your experience with this individual, no matter how painful it may seem at the time. You have to learn to love yourself and understand that if you are no longer with this person, then you need to spend more time with yourself because they were not right for you.


Dealing with a breakup will be that much more effective if you keep the advice we’ve provided in mind. It’s important to really pay attention to yourself and assess the situation in a way that isn’t biased, and where your emotions are not blinding your assessments. You have to remember that at the end of the day, people come and go out of our lives to help us learn more about ourselves so that we are better equipped to better and love ourselves in a genuine way. By doing so, dealing with heartache becomes much easier and more practical, and you’ll soon be attracting into your life a person that is right for you because you learnt that life is all about lessons learnt and experiences analyzed.