6 Useful Tips to Prepare for Oracle Certification Exams with PrepAway

Today, Java is the number one programming language, which was designed by Sun Microsystems and brought in a new wave of changing in the IT industry. Acquired by Oracle, the platform is now run by 12 million developers in the organizations of different countries.

If you want to build a foundational understanding of Java, the only way to gain certified knowledge in this sector is to obtain a certification from the relevant vendor. That is why Oracle offers you to start your path with Java by getting the Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer credential. In this case, you will need to pass the Oracle 1Z0-808 exam. It is one of the two tests that you have to take to obtain the next level of the certification, which is Oracle Certified Professional. In this article, we are going to dive into the details of Oracle 1Z0-808: Java SE 8 Programmer I that you need to pass.

Exam Structure

First of all, you should know the structure of the test. Java SE 8 Programmer I is an exam that covers topics about Java Basics, Java Data Types, Java API. You will also learn how to create Loops, use Java operators, and work with Inheritance. And you have 150 minutes to complete all 70 questions in a multiple-choice format. Please note that you will succeed and you will prevail only with at least 65% of the whole score.

The next step is to prepare yourself for this certification test. The best way to do it is to take the training courses. This way, you will learn all the objectives and concepts of the exam from the highly experienced professionals who have been in the field for years. That is why we have prepared the list of useful tips that will help you in your training.

Exam PreparationTips

Being an important and highly valued IT certification exam, it is expected that Oracle1Z0-808is not an easy test to pass. However, this fact should not be something to worry about. After all, most candidates who take this exam usually pass it at their first shot and with flying colors. This simply means that you can also clear it. Without much ado, let us check out tips& tricks that have always helped the students clear this certification test.

  1. Know the exam topics

Knowing the exam objectives will help you know what you should focus on during your study. It will also help you discover what you will be tested on because any IT certification exam is usually based entirely on its subjects.

  1. Avoid cramming

Instead of light-headed cramming, you should work through the material with meticulous scrutiny. You should understand that the Oracle1Z0-808 exam is not a test that you can study in less than 24 hours and pass the following day. Sometimes preparation can take weeks or even months and you should consider it. So, if you have ever succeeded in any exam in the past through cramming its content, we not recommend you apply that trick in the case of any of the Oracle certification tests.

  1. Manage your time

Start planning ahead of your preparation. Create a rational and accomplishable schedule with all the topics and study materials. As for the very exam day, considering the time allocated for the test, you have about 2-3 minutes for every question. Typically, there are some questions that will take you less than 2 minutes to answer and some will require more than 3 minutes depending on how difficult or simple it is. Just ensure that you are not spending more than enough time on one single question.

  1. Use free study resources

While it is okay to spend money on the study resources for the Oracle 1Z0-808 certification exam, you can still find a lot of great ones without even spending a coin. Buying all the materials you need can dent your pocket especially if you are on a budget. So, the best thing to do is to use free study resources even if you are already spending money on some great ones. All you need to do is to know where to find them. The ExamSnap website is a great source of premium bundles and free files.

  1. Join a study group

Studying in a group can be more fun and effective than preparing for the test alone. When preparing for the Oracle certification exam, you should join a study group or a study forum where you can discuss difficult questions, ideas, and concepts with the fellow students who are also preparing for the same test. There are so many forums online where you can sign up and become a member of the community. These study groups also include the experienced professionals who had taken and passed Oracle 1Z0-808 and are ready to help others to succeed.

  1. Know how to take the exam

Having technical knowledge is one thing and knowing how to take the test appropriately is another. When you have studied the materials and you have understood them well, the next step is to learn how to take the exam. For example, you can do this by passing free trials on various online platforms. Or you can also take a lot of practice tests to learn how to answer the questions. Know what each type of question is required to avoid any possible confusion when you will be taking the real exam. And you know what? You can find all this on ExamSnap.


The Oracle 1Z0-808 certification exam is not actually as difficult as it sounds or as people tend to say. The most essential part is to prepare with great deliberation and use good study materials from reputable platforms like ExamSnap. If you do these two little steps, the big one with the vibe of changing your future will be forthcoming.