5 Best Golf Shoes for Walking, Even off the Green

Golfers can find themselves walking hundreds of miles per year, chasing their ball down the fairway. This means that the right pair of shoes is critical if you don’t want to give yourself blisters and end up with a real handicap.

You’re going to need to know the best golf shoes for walking, whether you’re on the green or off it. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the best golf shoes money can buy.

FootJoy Tour-S BOA: $150-$230

If it’s comfort, stability and unconventional style you’re looking for then you need look no further than the FootJoy Tour-S BOA. This laceless, crank-tightened alternative to the regular Tour-S is second-to-none in the comfort department.

In addition, the shoe offers excellent grip and stability on all golfing surfaces. The drawback here is the poor performance off the green. While they retain their comfort, their grip on non-grassy surfaces is less than exemplary.

Puma Ignite Pwrsport: $120

In contrast to the Footjoy offering, the Puma Ignite Pwrsport offers comfort both on and off the green at a reasonable price. The sporty style is incredibly trendy right now and offers superlative comfort whether you’re holding your clubs or a margarita.

In addition to comfort and style, the Pwrsport is practical. The shoe is durable and waterproof, allowing you to rescue some of those wayward balls that end up in the drink. The Pwrsport comes in a range of colors and styles, thereby adding choice to its impressive list of attributes.

Ecco Golf Casual Hybrid: $120-$170

Not every golfer is a full-time enthusiast. In fact, many golfers play fewer than 10 times per year. If you are a casual golfer who wants to look good while still improving their game then the Ecco Golf Casual Hybrid might be for you.

If you’re on the market for the best golf shoes for walking then Ecco Golf has got you covered. While the style might not be to everyone’s taste, the comfort factor is undeniable. ECCO has a reputation for making some of the most comfortable shoes out there, and their Golf Casual Hybrid is no different.

Footjoy Hyperflex Golf Shoe: $70-$150

Golf has long had a reputation as an expensive pastime, but that isn’t always the case. If it’s stability, grip and comfort on a budget you’re craving then Footjoy has another offering for you.

You can pick up the Hyperflex Golf Shoe for as little as $70US or less. The grip system ensures that, even for a fraction of the price of other shoes on this list, you will never take a tumble when swinging. In addition, the shoe is lightweight and surprisingly comfortable when walking on or off the green.

Nike Lunar Control Vapor: $60-$140

A comfortable shoe should form the basis of your golfing essentials package. One of the hallmarks of a great sports shoe is the feel of almost wearing no shoes at all. In this department, the Nike Lunar Control Vapor takes the win.

Professionals like Jason Day and Rory McIlroy have been seen sporting the Lunar Control Vapor shoe. They are lightweight, waterproof and provide plenty of grip both on and off the green. If you’re looking for running shoe levels of comfort then the Nike Lunar Control Vapor is the shoe for you.

Green With Envy – Best Golf Shoes For Walking

With golf being as popular as it is there are so many golf shoes out there to choose from. This list showcases some of the best and most comfortable shoes that money can buy. Trust us, even the casual golfer can justify shoes as comfortable as these.

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