How to Plan a Crazy Affordable Vacation That Feels Pricey

Vacations are necessary for our mental health. They’re also expensive, costing an average of about $1,145 per person.

Sometimes it’s difficult to set aside a budget for that high of a cost. If you’re a family of four or more, that cost gets even crazier.

That’s why it’s important to fall back on an affordable vacation every once in a while.

Looking for some help on how to do that? Keep reading!

Choose the Right Vacation Spot

When you think of vacation ideas, chances are good that you often think about big-name places. Paris, London, Barcelona, and New York City.

These are all beautiful places to visit, but their fame is also their downfall. It makes them very expensive.

Many places around the world are as beautiful and as exciting as the famous ones. Find cities that aren’t as well known. Choose a country that has a lower living cost.

They all have their own quirks and cultures that make for a wonderful vacation. Plus, they’re much nicer to your wallet, too!

Skip Flying

Plane ticket prices always seem to go up every time you need to go somewhere. That’s why it’s nice to skip the plane altogether whenever possible.

There’s no need to go to a faraway place to enjoy yourself. Your home region is full of different places to explore and new things to experience. Staying in a local hotel is often enough to get the relaxing break you deserve.

Use these tips to get your GPS in order, and then drive yourself to your vacation adventure. It extends your vacation and saves money all at the same time.

Get a Tourist Card

Many cities have a tourist card that opens up a lot of cheaper avenues for you and your family. From lower rates and instant access, these cards are perfect for getting a luxurious experience for a low cost.

Go through your plan beforehand so that you’ll have a clear idea of whether or not getting a tourist card is worth the cost. It’s not worth it if you don’t plan to do any of the things it includes!

Pick Meaningful Activities

We all have our unique interests and desires, which makes each vacation an exciting journey. One person finds a camping trip uncomfortable, while another person thinks camping trips are the height of luxury.

That’s why when it comes time to plan out your vacation, pick out activities that mean something to you. Go see places with which you have a special connection.

Even if you experience these things without paying much at all, it’ll make the entire vacation feel lavish and perfect.

Don’t Forget to Splurge a Little During Your Affordable Vacation

At the end of the day, no matter what you choose, this is still a vacation. You’re meant to enjoy yourself to the fullest without feeling guilty.

Stick to your budget, but always make sure to do what makes you and your family the happiest. Splurging a little—and within reason—is a great way to indulge during this adventure. Once you’ve put your plan in place, stop worrying and enjoy your fancy but affordable vacation!

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