4 Funny Personalized Gift Ideas for a Friend’s Birthday

The average American will celebrate 78 birthdays during their lifetime. 

There are only so many generic cards and boring gifts one can receive. If someone regrets getting older, it may be because all their friends are lame gift-givers. 

Make this one a birthday to remember with a customizable gag gift. 

Stuck on what to get your funny friend for their birthday? Why not try something funny and personalized? Here are the top personalized gift ideas.

1. Custom Underwear

What’s a better gift than underwear? A pair of underwear with your face on them!

Choose your favorite photo to print on a pair of boxers or panties, depending on the recipient. If you’re in a romantic relationship, your photo could be pointing to their junk. If you’re just friends, try a funny face just to throw any potential romantic partners off. 

Regardless of whether the birthday recipient actually wears them, these are guaranteed to make them laugh. 

2. Fake Diploma

Is your loved one’s biggest regret dropping out of college? Do they yearn for a diploma to hang on the wall to show off their accomplishments?

Why not just buy a fake one

A fake diploma is a fun gift that is scarily realistic. You can gift them all the bragging rights of a top-tier college without any of the student loan debt! 

Better yet, if they went to an inferior college than your alma mater, gift them a superior diploma so they can finally feel worthy of your presence. 

3. Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos were all the rage when we were younger, but they can still be a lot of fun, especially when customized. 

Just like with underwear, putting your face or photo onto a tattoo is a great gag gift. Encourage your friend to put the temporary tattoo of your face on their face, for a little face-inception. After all, it’s only temporary. 

Better yet, does the birthday person have their own regrettable tattoo? If so, recreate it and have all the birthday party attendees wear a temporary copycat during the birthday party. While not necessarily a gift for them, it’s a great way to make everyone laugh. 

4. Personalized T-Shirt

With the popularity of Etsy and the crafty Cricut, anything can appear on a t-shirt if you’re willing to spend a little money. Get creative and design the perfect shirt for the birthday boy or girl. 

Do they have a funny catch-phrase they often say? What about an embarrassing hobby you want to broadcast to the world?

The opportunities here are endless. Make them a funny t-shirt but act like the gift is serious when they open it. That way, they’ll feel guilted into wearing it the next time you hang out, only extending the funniness of the joke! 

Make Their Day with Personalized Gift Ideas

Any of these personalized gift ideas will make your birthday gift the best one your loved one receives. 

There’s no better route to go than funny and personalized for those who are hard to buy for. Young or old, everyone loves a gift that’ll make them chuckle. 

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