How to match the mod with the atomizer reasonably?

Vape is a low-voltage microelectronic atomization device that does not require combustion and is mostly powered by a rechargeable lithium polymer battery. What surprised me a lot is that the mod from vapeciga called SXK BB Style VW Box Mod Kit 60W. The current is atomized by the atomizer to atomize the smoke, simulating the smoke generated during smoking, and flavoring can be added to add flavor.

The vape is mainly composed of a atomizer, a mod and a battery. The atomizer includes the oil guiding cotton, the heating wire, the atomizing core and so on; the mod has the mechanical rod,   the temperature control mod and VW mod. And the temperature control mod and VW mod have a protection circuit with respect to the mechanical rod.

liquid is a consumable, it is almost consumed every day. What’s more, the atomizer is also a consumable. With the rapid development of the atomizer, the taste and appearance of each atomizer is totally different. If you have a preference for vapes, you are expected to see the new atomizers on the market. SXK BB Style VW Box Mod Kit 60W is a gorgeous recommendation. So whether the atomizer universal, and how does the  atomizer and the mod match with each other? These problems will plague vape enthusiasts.

Today, we will solve this question for everyone. Regardless of the value of the equipment, we will analyze how to improve the integrity and coordination of the mod and the atomizer, and match a set of equipment suitable for you.

Basic principle: The mod must fully control the atomizer to give the atomizer the  level of optimization

Either mix the atommizer for the mod or choose a suitable mod for the atommizer. It is necessary to consider whether the mod can completely advance the atomizer. The atomizer can select the output power of the mod with reference to the matching power of the atomizing core. And the DIY atomizer needs to know what coil the atommizer requirements. The data can be used to a better level, and then the output device is selected. You are able to have a try with SXK BB Style VW Box Mod Kit 60W.

One of the most respected sentence of me is to make the favorite things to the extreme. For example, when selecting a large warehouse RDA, the coil data required is often between 0.1 ohms and 0.2 ohms. Only in this way, it possesses gorgeous taste and amount of smoke. Therefore, when selecting such a atomizer, the mod that needs to be equipped must have a high output power. This is the most basic way to make a reasonable allocation of the output capability of the mod and the atomizer. You can choose products by yourself, such as SXK BB Style VW Box Mod Kit 60W.

Size Harmony: Reasonable Matching of  mod Thickness and Atomizer Diameter

When arranging the atomizer, we need to know the data of the channel of the top of the mod, that is, the thickness of the mod. This data can be measured by the mod to clarify the scale data via the instruction. Generally, the top of the single 18650 and double 18650 battery mod have a  width of 22 to 24 mm, and the  top of the single 26650 mod has a channel about 30 mm.

If a atomizer with a diameter of 24 or 25 mm is fitted to a 22 mm thick mod, there will be an outstanding condition of the atomizer edge. And deploying a smaller diameter atomizer on a larger thickness mod will be totally awkward.

Color commonality: color matching let the atomizer and the mod integrate

Everyone has their own favorite color. When selecting the mod and the atomizer, try to make the color of the mod and the atomizer reach the same. Or choose a stainless steel color atomizer for   mods. Matching the drip nozzle to the color of the mod, the homochromaticity of the drip nozzle will have a high commonality of lifting equipment.

Collocation for pole equipment: color or material blending is play a significant role.

The arrangement of the rod type device and the atomizer is basically the same as that of the mod and the atomizer. While the rod type is special in stainless steel, copper, brass, titanium alloy, etc. The pole needs to be equipped with a atomizer of the same material as much as possible.

The rod-type vape can also be harmonious through the color of the parts such as the casing and the drip nozzle. For example,  mechanical rod used can be completely equipped with a black or brass intrinsic atomizer, and the above picture is arranged for the color of the outstanding casing, so that the color of the nozzle is consistent with the color of the shaft coating.

Aesthetic differences: choose your favorite vape

No matter how you mix, there will be some friends with different aesthetics. What you should do is to pick your favorite vape, and let your favorite things be played to the extreme. This is the vape that belongs to you. Try to follow the above guidelines, whereas, don’t let the rules frame your own preference!