How to Get Cheap Concert Tickets: 7 Money-Saving Tips You Need to Know

Planning to watch your favorite artists live in concert?

After all, who wouldn’t want to watch their favorite performer in concert? Unfortunately, ticket prices often cost too much. They can cost hundreds of dollars to pay off things like bigger production costs.

Want to know how to get cheap concert tickets? We’ve got you covered! Check out our guide below to learn how to buy concert tickets at low prices:

1. Wait for the Right Moment

Getting tickets for cheap sometimes involves waiting for the right moment. Don’t buy concert tickets the moment they’re available. Those tickets sell at the Suggested Retail Price (SRP). 

The best time to buy concert tickets is during the last few weeks or days before the event. At that point, the organizers want to get rid of the remaining open seats and will drop ticket prices to sell them. You have to hurry, however, because a lot of other people likely follow the same tactic.

Sometimes natural occurrences can cause ticket prices to drop too. A strong blizzard or storm might suddenly dissuade people from attending and the organizers will scramble to sell as many tickets as they can. 

Keep in mind, you might also find affordable tickets the day go live. Some organizers offer tickets at a discounted price, but only if you’re among the first 100 or first 1,000 to purchase.

2. Resale Brokers

First off: reselling tickets isn’t legal. That said, many people still practice this and you can save money buying from them. These people got tickets for free or for low prices and want to make a profit by selling them a little under the original SRP.

Be careful when you buy from resellers. Go for big resale brokers instead of individual scalpers on Craigslist or eBay. Small-time scalpers might sell you overpriced tickets, expired tickets, or counterfeit tickets.

Bigger agencies and online businesses might have excess tickets as prizes and they simply want to sell them for a small profit. You can check if their tickets are legitimate and if you’re getting them for a real discount.

3. Skip Town

Are tickets at your local area too expensive? Why not look online for tickets elsewhere?

Tickets for the same performer may be lower at a different venue. As mentioned, tickets might be cheaper because there are only a few seats left and it’s almost performance night. You should get those tickets instead and travel to the venue.

Yes, you’ll have to pay for the trip and accommodation. This can still be cheaper than purchasing concert tickets at full price. Consider the trip a bonus because now you get to go sight-seeing too!

4. Get Presale Tickets

What are presale tickets? These are tickets offered to fans a few days or weeks before the rest of the world can purchase tickets. This gives priority to fans and subscribers.

Are presale tickets cheaper than a regular sale ticketI Yes, they are because these are specifically for fans!

Performers want to make their fans feel special, after all.

Not everyone has access to presale tickets. You often have to be a paid subscriber to a musician’s website or fan club before you gain access to these types of tickets. However, you can get presale concert tickets from brokers, like this one here.

5. Be On the List

Want to get presale tickets for a specific performer or other great, exclusive deals? Sign up as a subscriber! Most performers have official fan clubs and you should sign up to gain access to the opportunities only they get.

Some of the benefits include discounted fan wear, like hats and shirts. You might also get VIP passes, presale concert tickets, and regular tickets at a discounted price. You might get to watch exclusive videos on their website or learn about the performer’s tour schedule before the rest of the world do.

Remain vigilant, however. Don’t sign up until you know for sure that you found the official fan club. Don’t sign up until you’re on the official website or social media pages.

Subscribing to be on an official list can be expensive, however. It’s still more affordable to look for presale tickets online or to skip town.

6. Get Seats at the Back

If you have no other options, get seats at the back. 

Getting a seat upfront is always going to be the more expensive route. People will pay more to be up close and personal with their favorite performers. The farther away you are from the spotlight, the cheaper the tickets get.

There are exceptions to this rule, however.

You might find affordable tickets close to the stage but they are at the sides. This gives you a bit of a skewed view and the performer won’t likely look your way as often as you’d like. 

7. Compare Tickets and Use a VPN

Buy concert tickets the same way you buy flight tickets. Look online for different resellers and compare the prices. This guarantees you can find the cheapest offers available.

However, make sure to use a VPN and use your browser’s incognito mode. Whenever you browse for tickets online, ticketing sites and your browser monitor your activity. They collect the data and immediately recognize you’re looking for tickets.

This affects all future listings.

Ticketing sites will then showcase expensive tickets but state these are the lowest ones. This is a marketing tactic to make you buy their regular priced tickets or expensive tickets. 

Using a VPN and incognito protects you from these monitoring schemes.

Learn How to Get Cheap Concert Tickets!

Knowing how to get cheap concert tickets isn’t as difficult as you’d imagine.

Focus on presale tickets, buy tickets for a different venue and always compare prices before buying. Subscribe to a fan club if you can and don’t forget the importance of good timing!

Of course, concert tickets aren’t the only things you can get discounts for. If you want more tips to save money and get discount deals, read our other posts today!