What is Life Without Music? Can You Imagine?

Have you ever stopped to think about the effect of music on our lives? The world would just be filled with noise, removing the emotions and sentiments from things that make you smile and give you heart warmth. Music holds much more value than we care to be aware of and it’s important to understand just how effective it is in all of our lives as individuals and communities.

Music not only affects us on a cultural and personal level, but it also plays a huge role in business and technology. As seen on reviews on MyAudioLover.com, you’ll be able to fathom how passionate people are about studying and make the output of music much more conveniently and at its best quality. It owns a world of its own when it comes to business, technology, and careers as well. But could you  imagine what life without music would be like?

We Would Lose a Universal Language

Music is a universal language, it’s not just sounds, but it portrays emotions and sends messages. Music has the ability to make you smile, laugh or even cry. It’s a common language that everyone understands, without it the level of communication through music would be lost. People would not be able to express love, hate, frustration, anger or sadness through music.

There Would Be No Music Careers

All those idols, we look up to and have a love for would disappear. There would be no music careers. The music would just be noise and the ability to put the pitches and notes together to come up with a symphony would not be possible. Music technology would no longer exist and it wouldn’t matter how to amplify them or make sure the sound quality is good. It wouldn’t matter if you had a good voice or could manage to get a really high pitch because it would all be pointless without music.

There Would Be No Musical Memory Triggers

Music has the ability to trigger memories as we link events to the music that was playing. You would no longer get affected by the music you danced to at your wedding, the music playing in the background the first time you met or the song that your loved one composed just for you. You would no longer remember these little things as easily as they were determined by a musical aspect that would no longer exist.

Dancing Would Be Completely Different

What is a dance without music? The body feels the message that the music sends and portrays it through movements, explaining the importance of music and how it affects us. Music makes dancing so much more enjoyable and meaningful. It can make you want to jump up and down to the beat, dancing closely and intimately in someone’s arm or even express deep, sad emotion. But how would the skill of dancing be portrayed without beats to be danced to? It would just be movements that do not have meaning and cannot be compared to each other showing the true skill of choreography.

Sounds and Instruments Would Not Change Over History

One of the ways to track the different cultures and time periods was through music. You could be able to listen to a piece of music and automatically identify not only it’s a genre, but also whether it was from the 60s, 70s or 90s. Going through the history of music tells you a lot about the culture and influences of that era and enables you to have a deeper understanding of the lifestyle they lived and the differences between one era to another through the tone and sound of the music they illustrated.

Art Would be Affected

There are many different forms of art, where performances, theatres, movies, and visual related artwork highly depend on music in order to be able to make it stand out. Music and art go hand in hand and together they manage to not only portray the feelings and send a specific message, but also allow the pieces to come together and excel. Art would not have the same quality without music and would be highly affected.

Musical Therapy Would Not Be Possible

Music has the power to heal. It is used by many people as a form of therapy to help with anger issues as well as psychological issues. Without music, there would be no symphonies or musical notes to help soothe the mind and spread calmness. Instead, it would just be sounds that have no meaning and do not leave an effect on the human mind to help them heal. There would be no waking up to chirping in the morning and getting that consistency related to positive sounds that makes a person feel relaxed. There would be no humming to help you calm down or use to sing a merry tune.

A world without music is like a world without color. It sounds like everything is in black and white with no emotions being conveyed or nothing to add meaning to everyday life. A word without music is dull, boring and monotonous. Is that really a world we want to live in?