Ways of Getting Rid of Game-Day Nerves

It is common to find even players getting nervous before a game. These nerves affect them and have them give poor performances during the game. In this article, we will look at ways of eliminating nerves before a game. These ways include;

Stay in the Moment

One of the greatest mistakes that both armature and professional athletes make is focusing way too much on the future. For instance, you will find a pro athlete wondering how the outcome will affect their legacy in general. This is usually a mistake as it keeps you thinking about what is happening in the future rather than what you will do about it at the moment.

The best thing to do here is to focus on what you need to do to have you play at your level best when the game comes. Understand that worrying too much about the outcome will always make you play below your abilities.

Check Out Motivational Videos and Quotes

While this might sound like a cliché, it is a neat trick that always eliminates any nerves and jitters that you may have before a game. Sports are usually about the mindset the player has at the moment. Therefore, when you get to the game believing that you are well prepared and have what it takes to win, the chances are that you will give a good performance. The vice-versa is also true.

With the invention of the internet, finding these kinds of quotes and videos is very easy nowadays. Sites such as YouTube avail you a quick and easy way for you to access millions of motivational videos. Technology has impacted every aspect of our lives. Students can now access a paper writer quickly and cheaply anytime they need one.

Maintain a Given Routine

As an athlete, you understand that thinking about your next move is never a good idea in sports. Since speed is always key, all your movements have to be automatic. The minute you start thinking about what you need to do, you will always be a fraction of a second slower, making it easy for the opponent to read your movements and easily get to you.

Understand that a combination of game day nerves and “thinking” is a sure recipe for a disastrous game. This is why it is always best to ensure that you are calm before the big game starts. One of the best ways of eliminating nerves is by creating a routine and following it before each game.

One of the benefits of doing this is that routines help eliminate thinking and have you acting automatically. This stops you from thinking about what might go wrong and having you do what is needed without thinking of what happens if you do not do it right, which increases the chances of perfect execution.

Look for a Distraction

It is always good to stay focused every time you are preparing for a game. However, understand that this is also one way most athletes get to acquire match-day-nerves. Therefore, where you feel the nerves creeping, know that it is beneficial for you to seek a distraction rather than keep focusing on the game.

Understand that nerves will always have you thinking about what will happen rather than what you need to do. Therefore, having a distraction will have you playing on reflex, which is always better. One of the best distractions you might get is a favorite book and read it or listening to music.

Accept the Possibility of Losing

One reason why most athletes get nervous before a big game is thinking about what might happen if they lose. This then makes them play conservatively while on the court, which ultimately results in them losing anyway. The best way to beat this feeling is to realize that winning and losing are part of the game. The only thing that determines the outcome of any game is the kind of performance the team gives.

Therefore accepting that losing is a possibility ultimately reduces the fear of failure. This then haves you looking on improving your game and performing well, which usually provides good results in the end.

Enjoy Yourself

Even though we are playing the game intending to win something at the end of the season, it is best not to forget the fundamental point that sports are for fun. Therefore, when playing the game, it is best to ensure that you are enjoying yourself.

This trick is handy as it helps ease up all the tension you may have built up before the game. On the other hand, where an athlete is enjoying themselves and having fun on the court, their talents and flair come out, and they give the performance of a lifetime.

Even though a lot might be at stake, it is essential to understand that you control the outcome of the game and the destiny of the team as a whole. Therefore, be cool, get rid of nerves, stay calm, perform well, and you will have positive results.