Top 5 Best Cameras for the Travel Enthusiast

It is estimated that a total of over one trillion digital photos were taken in 2017. This is a very modest estimate that assumes only one billion people took about three photos every day.

Most digital photos are taken using smartphones. Dedicated cameras are mostly used during events and vacations.

Travelers spend thousands of dollars on cameras to take breathtaking photos of memorable vacations. From a selection of hundreds of devices, how can you tell which are the best cameras?

Check out our top five picks.

1. Panasonic TZ200

Also Known as Lumix TZ200, this camera is made of solid metal construction that weighs 320 grams and measures 111 x 66 x 45 mm. It costs $799.99.

The lens measures 25-360mm and has a 15x zoom, a 1-inch sensor, and a 20.1 MP resolution.

The camera easily stabilizes shots and has a built-in EVS which has a decent 1,240,000 dots resolution. Its display is a 3.0-inch touchscreen. It also shoots videos at full 4K at 30 FPS.

The battery is good for 350 shots with one charge.

Learn more about what these figures mean.

2. Canon PowerShot G7X II

This top of the range G-series also features a metal construction that weighs 318 grams and measures 106 x 61 x 42 mm.

It has a 1-inch 20.1 MP sensor with a 35mm, 4X zoom lens. Its f/1.8 aperture lens makes the camera incredibly sensitive in low light. However, video capture is only in 1080p.

The display is a tilting flip-up touchscreen. Its battery lasts for 250 shots.

The Canon PowerShot G7X II lists a $699 price.

3. Sony Alpha a7R MKII

This high-end Sony camera has a lot of features to go with its hefty price tag of $3,200.

The body is made of magnesium alloy and weighs 625g. It holds a 42.4 MP full frame BSI sensor with a 4X optical. It has a 2.6m dot OLED EVS that magnifies to 0.7x.

The camera has an inbuilt 5-axis stabilizer and records video in full 4K. One charge lasts a maximum of 340 shots.

4. Nikon D810

The Nikon D810 is another Full frame sensor camera bearing a price tag of $2,796. It has a 36.3 MP resolution and an OLED viewfinder with a 1.2m dot resolution.  

The camera has a large 3.2-inch display and a top LCD. It has a high shutter speed of 1/8000s and a long battery life of up to 1200 shots. It is also capable of 4K video recording.

The Nikon D810 weighs 988 grams and measures 146 x 123 x 82 mm. The body is compact and designed for grip.

5. Olympus TG-5

Also known as the Tough TG-5, the Olympus TG-g is a rugged, waterproof, shockproof and dustproof camera. Its party piece is the ability to take stunning images underwater with its dual plane glass lens that prevents it from fogging up.  

It’s a fairly-priced camera at $449.00, but also with humble performance figures. It has a 12MP 25-100mm BSI sensor, a 3-inch LCD, 4K video capture and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Selecting the Best Cameras for Travel Enthusiasts

The best cameras for use while traveling have to be lightweight and compact to carry around. The build should have shock reduction features to take steady pictures while on the move without requiring a tripod. A travel camera should also have a fast lens that has good sensitivity in low light.

All this has to be accomplished without compromising the image quality or performance.

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