The 11 Most Unique Watches Ever Made

Quick question: What wearable accessory amplifies your personality?

Well, to some, it may be pieces of jewelry such as necklaces or earrings.

But, dangling several necklaces around your neck or wearing luster earrings may not quite make the kind of statement you want. If anything, it portrays you as an affluent person which isn’t a noble gesture around the people you interact with.

One thing for sure, though, is that a timeless watch piece can be the ultimate accessory. It blends with your dress-code, making a bold statement without attracting much attention.

Here’s a list of creative watches you may consider adding to your collection of accessories for that sentimental value;

1. HYT Skull Vida

While every HYT timepiece is always special, this limited Skull Vida takes uniqueness a notch higher. Only five pieces of this watch brand are in the market, making it more authentic than the mass-produced pieces. But that’s not all!

Each of the five watches is made using real mammoth ivory carcasses from Siberian plains! This special material has been preserved in ice for thousands of years; since when the Neanderthal man walked on Earth’s surface.

The watch’s display is quite a sight to behold, with the seconds appearing on the skull’s left eye and 65-hour power reserve in the right. The hours are displayed by a moving separation point of two immiscible liquids on the outer part of the skull.

2. Hublot MP-O5 LaFerrari Aperta

This Hublot masterpiece consists of 637 components. This makes it the only Hublot’s timepiece to have such a huge number of parts.

To start with, the watch has a manual winding tourbillion that’s suspended vertically and holds the power of 11 mainspring barrels. This gives the watch a solid power reserve for close to 50 days.

On the left side of the barrels, is a calibrated cylinder indicating the power reserve, while the right side cylinders indicate hours and minutes.

Each of the cylinders is reinforced with anodized aluminum bars on the sides, painted in striking Ferrari red.

The watch has a skeleton dial and an open case back made from PVD titanium. It’s made with respect to the Ferrari’s car shape.

3. Blancpain Villeret Squelette 8 Jours

The Blancpain Squelette has a quite elegant artistic appealing making it a worthwhile addition to your collection.

As far as the skeleton watch market is concerned, this watch features some of the most unique designs set it apart from other watches in the same market. It has two distinctively sapphire crystals on the back and front which reveal the manual-wind Caliber 1333SQ.

The perfect combination of its three series barrel and a Breguet balance spring gives this watch an 8-day power reserve.

On the display is a 38-millimeter diameter white gold case that features bridges with a scrolling motif on the main plate.

4. Ulysse Nardin Stranger Music Box

Ulysse Nardin watch is arguably the true definition of uniqueness as evident from its ability to play Stranger’s in the Night by Frank Sinatra.

Also, the timepiece is driven by the manufacturer’s proprietary UN-690 automatic movement. The music is activated with a push of an ergonomic button and plays on top of every hour for 16 seconds. You can also customize when you want the song to play.

The watch is available in a limited edition of 99 pieces.

5. Jaeger-LeCoultre Universal Time Watch

This vintage themed watch features a world map on its dial that spices up its mechanical craftsmanship.

The dial is on a 24-hour time scale, with the hands toned with silver complementing the blue color of the dial. Additionally, the analog display has a variety of city names in different time zones on the rim.

Its stainless steel back case is transparent and reinforced with a strong bezel. The strap of the watch is usually black in color made with alligator leather.

6. Devon Star Wars

One of the most unique highlighting features of this Devon watch is its numerous collections of belts indicating the time.

Its diamond-like stainless steel case also serves as a great addition to its high-tech window frame on the dial.

7. Rolex GMT-Master II

In your guide to buying luxury watches, it’d be “unfair” not to make references to the all-time Swiss watch masterpiece- Rolex.

Although the GMT doesn’t come with any extraordinary features, its classic look barely goes unnoticed.

Right from its stainless steel strap to a brilliant blue bezel, this watch allows you to switch from an official to a more casual look.

Its large dial and presence of markers make it easy to read the time and date on your watch.

8. Jaquet Droz Charming Bird

True to its name, Jaquet Droz’s bird is an indeed charming watch with mechanical precision in its making.

The Charming Bird has a crankshaft for pushing air through its 3 synthetic sapphire pistons. This makes the fragile bird, found at 6 o’clock mark, flap its wings and chirp!

You’ll also love its hand-painted pearly dial with a black sub-dial on top for displaying time.

9. Van Cleef and Arpels Midnight Poetic Wish

The Midnight Poetic Wish has a dreamy white gold color and mother of pearl dial. Paris cityscape is painted on the dial.

Upon turning the crown, the male character on the dial moves towards the direction of Eiffel Tower to display the hours.

10. Harry Winston Opus Eleven

This watch consists of 566 components and innovative technology giving it a modern touch. It uses 24 revolving plates mounted on a gear train and display hours and minutes.

Opus Eleven has a limited edition of only 111 watches. 100 of which have a white gold appearance and the rest are diamond-studded.

11. Bell & Ross BR-X1 Tourbillion Sapphire

The BR-X1 is a relatively affordable timepiece made from curved sapphire blocks. It has a 45mm transparent squared case that’s screwed together at each of its four corners.

Hours and minutes appear on a small dial located at the far most top while the tourbillion is at the bottom.

Buying Creative Watches: Final Word 

A creatively designed timepiece is not only elegant when buckled onto your list but can also be a worthwhile investment. But, you need to decide the amount you’re willing to spend when getting yourself one of these watches.

To give you an idea of what to look for in creative watches, be sure to go through the above list of some of the creative watches in the market.

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