Top 10 Free Websites To Download Or Stream Movies

Many different websites allow their users to watch and download countless movies, but they have a monthly fee or charge per download. However, many people are not able to subscribe to these services because they can be costly. Luckily, numerous sites allow everyone to download or stream for free. Here are some of the top free sites:

1.      YouTube

There are no limits to this excellent video hosting website. People upload many movies, short-films, episodes, and other videos, on this site. Anyone can use YouTube to mp4 converting tools and download their favorite clips. YouTube also recently started posting movies on its own; however, not all of them are free and it is only available in the US.

2.      The Internet Archives

This is an excellent website to download free content. Not just movies or TV shows, but also books, music, and a lot more. A few years ago, when it started, there were many complaints, and it wasn’t recommended. However, recent changes have made it one of the best places.

3.      Retrovision

It is created for people that love to watch old classics. It allows free download to every visitor, from all parts of the world. It has a genre-specific list that properly organizes all the movies and TV shows, making it easier to find them. It also has an android app named Classic UHF, and it is handy to watch on the go.

4.      Crackle

It is an excellent website for residents of the United States. When signing up, it asks every user what kind of movies they like to watch, and it gives them recommendations based on that. Everything on the website has a high quality, since Sony owns it. It offers some of the best movies and shows that aren’t available on most other free sites.

5.      Open Culture

Open Culture is a fantastic site for high-quality movies for people around the globe. Other than films, it also offers free online courses, language lessons, e-books, textbooks, and audiobooks. It has over 1,100 movies, including Oscar-winners, that anyone can watch.

6.      PopcornFlix

This website offers free streaming to anyone in the US. The site offers thousands of high-quality movies. The content is spread across many categories like comedy, drama, action, and horror, to name a few.  It also has a long list of TV shows and the entire National Geographic series.

7.      MoviesFoundOnline

The website is filled with great movies, TV shows, independent films, and many standup comedy videos. Viewers from all around the world can enjoy their services free of cost. The site doesn’t show its media but lets the general public upload videos.

8.      Hotstar

It is an excellent website that not only has Hollywood movies but Bollywood as well. It is entirely free for Indian viewers, but American residents have to pay to get access. It has a wide variety of popular and top-rated movies. Users can also make use of its app to stream on their mobile phones easily.

9.      Hulu

Hulu is a great website that offers many different subscription-based accounts; however, there is an option for a free account. Although there are limited possibilities for non-paying members, it is still great to stream tons of movies. It also has an app for android and iOS.

10. Pluto TV

It mimics an actual TV layout. Pluto TV consists of over 75 channels in many different categories that viewers can enjoy. It also has a handy mobile application for people who want to watch on their handheld devices. It is available worldwide but offers more content for US residents.