The Ultimate Home Office: 8 Important Home Office Essentials Every Freelancer Needs

Working from home requires a lot of self-motivation. And your home office needs the proper home office essentials to get you ready for work and keep you working. These are not only office equipment, but tools for motivation as well.  

If you’re not sure what you need for a home office, then stop right here! And look no further. Grab your notepad and start a home office setup checklist by adding these 8 essentials!

1. Wireless Printer & Scanner

If your business or at-home job requires quite a bit of printing and scanning, then you need to add a wireless printer and scanner to your office essentials list. Keeping it wireless helps lessen the clutter. And that assist you in finding a good mental state.

Wireless printers are Bluetooth enabled, which is great for printing files or documents from any device. So pull out your cellphone and hit print! Convenience never felt so good.

Having a wireless scanner allows you to scan documents and save them to the cloud. That means you have access to your files whenever you need them. It’s time to go wireless!

2. Phone System

Placing or receiving a large number of calls throughout the day calls for a great phone system. Consider purchasing a phone system that includes a headset, and phone service. Headsets eliminate kinks in the neck from holding a phone with your shoulder while trying to work. 

Headsets give you the freedom to make or take calls hands-free. So you’ll have no excuse to stop typing now. Setting up a fairly inexpensive phone system with VoIP phone service eventually saves you money. 

With this system, you can communicate over the internet for free, place calls to fixed or mobile lines for a reduced price, and more!

3. Charging Station

Grab your home office essentials list and make sure you add a charging station to it. Have a designated area where all electronics can be plugged in and kept charged at. Consider purchasing a charger that only occupies one outlet, but charges multiple devices. 

And find a good spot to plug it in at. You don’t want it to get in your way of work. And tripping over a bundle of cords is never fun. 

4. Cord Organizer

Now that you’ve established the perfect place for charging your devices, keep it organized. When running a home office, cords can get messy. Let’s face it.

You have tons of cords and wires. And keeping them organized and close together doesn’t always happen. Luckily, there’s a solution for that.

Pick out a stylish cord organizer to keep your home office wire and cord-free! If you’re thinking we’re talking about ugly and bulky cord covers, we’re not. Cord organizers come in a variety of fashionable options!

5. Laptop Computer & External Hard Drive

Now it might seem pretty obvious that you’ll need a laptop computer in your office to complete your day’s work. But you didn’t think it was that simple, did you? If you’re going to be working from home, then you’re going to be using your laptop generously. 

So make sure you have one that’s of good quality. And then ensure you have an external hard drive for a backup. Even the best of the best laptops and computers come with the risk of crashing. 

Do you have important files, documents, images, and more that would be devastating to lose? Then it’s better to be safe than sorry. Purchase an external hard drive that you can save copies of all your work onto.

When deciding on how much external space you need, always go for more than what you think.

6. Good Lighting In Dedicated Workspace

Home office necessities aren’t always made up of the latest gadgets and gizmos. The mood and atmosphere that you create for yourself is a top priority for a good workspace. Be sure to have good lighting in your home office.

It’s best to have as much natural light as possible. So choose a space with plenty of windows that allow for the sun to cast its light through them. But if finding this kind of space doesn’t come easy, then head out to the store. 

And pick up some office lights. You can use a desk lamp with eye-saving lighting. This is perfect for at-home workers who often find themselves with tired eyes. And remember to avoid fluorescent lighting when possible. 

7. Personalized Decorations & Plants

Good lighting isn’t the only way to improve the mood and atmosphere. Personalized decorations and plants also ensure a healthy mindset. One of the benefits of working from home is that the office space is totally yours.

So do what you can to create a personal space that brings your comfort and makes you feel happy. Hang up your favorite artwork and indoor plant. If you have kids, then frame some of their invaluable art and hang it up in the office!

Print out pictures of family and friends and surround your desk with them. Place a vibrant Ficus Bonsai Tree or Aloe Vera Succulent in your work station to bring a hint of nature to your office.  

Think about what gives you motivation. Maybe your working towards purchasing a home or that new car you’ve had your eyes on. 

Print out a picture of it and place it near your computer screen. And don’t hesitate to bring out some awesome desk toys as well.  

8. Alarm Clock & Timer

Having an alarm clock and timer nearby can really help you stay on task throughout your day. Give yourself a schedule for each day. And have an understanding of what you want and need to complete.

To make certain that you stay on task, set a timer or alarm clock to indicate when you should be wrapping up that specific assignment. Setting a timer is great because you can watch as it counts down. This gives you a good idea of where you stand.

Home Office Essentials You Need Now

When working from home, it’s vital to have all the home office essentials. You want to produce your best work possible easily and all while feeling great! So when deciding what items to add to your office essentials list, keep this guide in mind!

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