The Complete Guide to Remodeling Your Living Room Flooring

Is your living room flooring in need of a major transformation? We all love a little upgrade every now and again. Your flooring should be no different, especially in one of the busiest rooms of the house! 

If you’re new to flooring remodels, we’re going to give you an easy-to-follow guide. You’ll be able to piece together all the details you would like to see in your new floor. Plus, we’ll give you good tips to follow.  

Keep reading to uncover a complete guide to a new, beautiful living room floor! 

What Living Room Flooring Do You Fancy? 

Believe it or not, the design you choose for your flooring is vital for the complete look. Flooring needs to match your walls, curtains, furniture to look well. No one likes a pukey green carpet, but professionals know how to match it so it’ll rock any room! 

Consider your options as far as color, material, and installation. Each material will bring their pros and cons. Hardwood floors are high maintenance and can crack in the wrong temperatures.

Humidity can also cause issues like mold, and don’t forget termites. Carpet is great, but it catches a lot of dirt. Dense carpets are the easiest to clean, but feel a bit rough on the feet.

Linoleum peels up with time and can change color from cleaning materials. So, what’s the best material if every flooring has its cons? Read on to see our most durable option!  


A great and durable option for under your flooring are cork rolls sheets. Made from cork, these sheets absorb any sound. That way, you can enjoy your living space no matter what floor you’re on. 

Aside from sound, it can also help to regulate temperature. Much like thick curtains will insulate a room, your flooring has the same power! It balances flooring so you’re always on even ground, and absorbs shock. 

But wait, what about the actual flooring material? We promise we didn’t forget! Your best bet [and fastest, affordable option] is tile.

Tile looks phenomenal when you color code and have a professional install it. 

Sorting Out The Cost 

Living your life on a tight budget is possible, and when done right, a lot of fun! While tile is less expensive than a hardwood floor, it can be more expensive than carpet. But here’s the catch in all this flooring madness—maintenance and upkeep.

Carpet doesn’t have a long life, and that’s because of the years of deep carpet cleaning and traffic. Tile stays solid for decades, even with mopping and polishing. These small details are what make tile floors our top choice. 

Want More Off Topic Goodness? 

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Changing up your flooring is a fun and creative adventure. Don’t forget to enjoy the process of picking out your new forever floor!