The Ultimate Guide to Shopping for Kid Shoes

Almost every parent who buys their kid shoes wonders about some of the same things. Such as:

  • How soon will my child outgrow these shoes?
  • Does the quality of children’s make a difference?
  • Is there a right or wrong way to measure for children’s shoes?

Believe us when we say you are not alone. Every parent knows buying their kid shoes can be a stressful shopping exercise.

Sometimes this stress leads to desperation and that can result in some poor kid shoe choices.

What is the baseline you should follow when buying your kid shoes? Is there a kid shoes buying magic formula that works every time?

There may not be a magic formula but there are some good rules of thumb we are going to let you know. This relevant information will come in handy on your next kid shoes shopping trip.

What Shoes Should I Get?

In kid shoes, you should understand you get what you pay for. Kids are very hard on their shoes. It is nothing for them to walk out your door with a new pair of shoes to go to school and come home with the same shoes in tatters.

Of course, this tends to happen more when you err on the side of being frugal and don’t pay attention to the quality of the shoe.

Investing in quality and not quantity is a winning combination in kid shoes. This holds true whether it is kid shoes or adult winter coats. 

For instance, kid shoes which have excellent quality are Ferragamo kids shoes. These shoes have stood the test of time. 

Ferragamo is called the shoemaker of dreams because their shoes have superb quality, comfort, and durability. 

Mr. Ferragamo was one of 14 children in a poor family in southern Italy. He apprenticed as a village cobbler and learned shoes from the sole up.

He moved to Santa Barbara, California and started making shoes in the 1920s. He mastered his trade by making shoes for Gloria Swanson, Garbo, Valentino and others in Hollywood.

He studied anatomy by night and worked during the day perfecting his shoes. The result was his creation of Ferragamo shoes.

Parenting magazine has a reason they write about Ferragamo kid shoes. They meet every parent and kid test of fashionable yet durable shoes. 

Children’s Shoe Sizes

Sometimes children’s shoe sizes change faster than you can shake a stick. But the renowned Ferragamo kid shoes receive the highest quality material when made.

Combining this high-quality material with expert craftsmanship gives the best kid shoes. It also gives kid shoes a timeless wardrobe fit with flexible insoles.

We share information on shoes, budgets, children wardrobes, and other relevant news topics. We learned when we researched children’s shoe sizes almost everybody has different opinions.

Children’s shoe sizes can be quite confusing. There are overlapping size charts for children shoe sizes. These kid shoe size charts rarely match.

There is also the inconsistent language used by retailers describing children shoes and shoe sizes.

But we have a list of some things you can do to better define how to figure out the basics in children’s shoe sizes. They are;

  • Sizes 0-13 represent toddler shoe sizes.
  • Sizes 1-7 represent most kid shoes sizes.
  • Different retailers and brands can use different terms for kid shoes. Learn each retailer or brands language.

Kids Shoe Sizes

If you need to know how to measure your kid shoes size there are some good criteria to follow. They are;

  • Measure every, single time you go buy your children’s shoes. Even if you just bought them new shoes. Children shoe sizes can change monthly.
  • Always measure against the insoles. You can use the thumb press at the end of the shoe to see where your child’s toe is inside the shoe trick. But if you take the insoles out of the shoes your child can put his foot beside it for true perspective.
  • Most kid shoe sizes need purchasing at a half size longer than the size they measure. There should be 3/8 of an inch between the longest toe and end of the shoe.
  • Listen to your children. They will let you know when their shoes are too tight or too big. 

Kids shoe sizes are very important to their long-term foot health. The estimate is that 89% of children wear insufficient length shoes. 

This can cause untold misery as the child grows and their feet mature. Because ossification of the foot bone doesn’t happen until the age of 18-20 years old any ill-fitting shoes can have long-term effects.

The one thing you always want to provide for a child’s healthy foot growth is adequate, supportive, and durable kid shoes.

Getting kids shoe sizes correct for your child is vital to the growth and well-being of the child’s feet. 

Children Shoes

Children shoes can be as cheap as you want to pay. But doing so can result in a waste of your money.

Cheap children shoes don’t last very long because the children are active. They use their shoes in a very thorough manner.

You get what you paid for and when you buy cheap children shoes you get shoes that cannot take the tumble and play participation of children. 

So what is a parent to do? Invest in your child’s shoes the way you invest in their winter coats or boots. 


Kid shoes have to go through an estimated 10,000 – 16,000 steps. That’s the number of steps children take during those four months.

Wouldn’t you rather pay for quality kid shoes which provide the comfort and style your child deserves? 

There are only good reasons to provide quality and longevity when you buy your children’s shoes. Especially now that you know your child’s foot health depends on it.

Keep checking back for the latest articles to help you and your family!