Sing On! Here Are The 7 Best Pets To Get If You’re A Musical Artist

You sing to the beat of your own drum! But you want a companion to join in on the fun. Life’s activities are always better when you have someone to share them with!

And we all know that pets make amazing companions! But as a music artist, it’s hard to find a pet that’ll appreciate your music as much as you do. You don’t want to simply share the moment.

You want to share your passion! You need a fuzzy (or maybe not-so-fuzzy) friend to be your partner. Choosing a normal pet is hard enough.

But choosing a pet that’ll enjoy your lifestyle is even harder! This is a forever decision. So make sure to pick the right one.

Read further to see what are some of the best pets to have if you’re a music artist!

1. Rats

Are you surprised? Rats make excellent companions! They’re super social.

And they love children and adults. They strive in an interactive environment. And will actually become depressed if not interacted with enough.

They would love to dance with you to your favorite tune! And they’ll never want to be left out. But make sure you provide enough space for them because they love to roam around!

If you offer tons of interaction and a loving atmosphere, then you’ll have your rat friend for about 4 years.

2. Chinchillas

These friendly creatures are not only interesting but smart! Once a bond is created, you can teach them awesome tricks! Ready to learn some dance moves?

The benefits to owning a pet are endless. They bring you happiness and friendship. But a pet that does tricks brings you entertainment!

Can you see yourself jamming out to your new hit with your chinchilla by your side? We can! Teach your chinchilla to do neat tricks during your songs.

And if raised with care and fed proper chinchilla food, the pet life expectancy for your chinchilla will be around 15 years! You’re destined friends for life!

3. Parrots

Speaking of dancing, what better animal to dance along with you than a parrot? Not to mention, they sing too! Parrots love to play.

And they come in different colors and sizes. They need lots of exercise and attention. So make sure you include them during band practice. 

If they feel loved, they’ll love you back. Parrots become affectionate to their owners when a friendship is formed. And their life span is up to 80 years!

With their love for mimicking human sounds and voices, they might be your legacy!

4. Beta Fish

The beta fish is one of the most well-known colorful pets! They come in a beautiful array of colors. And they don’t take too much work.

They live for about 3 years. And although they can’t join you outside their bowl, they’ll be ecstatic to dance a jig in their bowl! But let’s not forget the beautiful painting they portray as their colors light up the bowl.

They are the perfect inspiration for any music artist! And a typical beta will live up to 3 years. That’s much longer than the normal life span of a carnival goldfish!

5. Hermit Crabs

If you’re a night owl, you’ll love your own hermit crab! If you find yourself getting most of your songwriting done in the evening, then a hermit crab is for you. 

They are the most active at night time! So if you like to jam out in the dark, then one of these little guys will become your best friend! They’re curious creatures.

And they’re also social! Checking out their surroundings is one of their favorite things to do. Sociable pets make the best pets for music artist! 

Hermit crabs will keep you company for up to 30 years when giving the proper care.

6. Leopard Gecko

Not fond of a bird perched on your shoulder? Try a Leopard Gecko! They’re shy at first.

But after they get to know you, they’ll be your best friend! So Leopard Geckos make great artist pets!

Once your Leopard Gecko begins to trust you, it’ll be excited to hang out with you! Need a quiet friend to keep you company while you write those killer lyrics? Look into starting a friendship with a Leopard Gecko!

They live for around 20 years!

7. Guinea Pigs

Awe! They’re so cuddly! And they’re fuzzy!

After a long night up on the stage, you’ll need someone to come home to for cuddles! Being a music artist is exhausting. And sometimes you just want to chill. 

Guinea Pigs are the perfect pets for chilling with. You can buy long-hair or short-hair Guinea Pigs! They’re more active than hamsters.

And they have a much larger personality! They express to you when they are feeling happy, sad, or angry. Keep in mind, you might need to befriend two of these little guys.

They become lonely very easily and love companions! And if kept happy, your Guinea Pig will live up to 10 years!

A Round Of Applause For The Best Pets

Let’s give these amazing friends a round of applause! After all, they are some of the best pets for a music artist. So if you’re awesome at making beats, but not so sure on what animal to choose, stick to this guide!

Think about how much time you want to spend interacting with your new pet. Some require more social time than others. And if you plan on having a lot of people over, think about choosing a pet that doesn’t need time to build trust.

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