Become an Author in 2019: How To Self-Publish a Book in 5 Steps

Millions of new books hit the shelves of bookstores around the world every year. Now, a million of these new titles are self-published.

If you’ve been dreaming about becoming a published author, you can make it happen. Self-publishing can be a quick and easy way to get your book into the hands of your readers. It can also be quite lucrative.

Technology is making publishing your book easier and cheaper than ever. With this five-step guide, you’ll learn how to self-publish a book.

1. Writing and Editing Your Book

The first step in how to publish a book is to write it. If you already have an idea, great. You may want to sit down and outline or brainstorm ideas.

Be sure to set aside some time to write. Remember every little bit is progress, even if you only write a sentence or two in a day. Eventually, you’ll have a book.

Once you’ve completed your draft, it’s time to edit. You can self-edit or seek professional help. Editors, critique partners, and beta readers can help you polish your manuscript.

2. Choose a Self-Publishing Platform

If you plan to self-publish, you’ll need to pick a publishing platform. There are many out there. Amazon’s program is one of the best-known.

There are many others, though. Research the pros and cons of each different platform. Some will offer better royalties, while others will have better distribution.

3. Create an Amazing Cover to Stand Out

When you self-publish a book, it’s important to have a great cover. Your cover is often what you’ll use to promote your book. It’s what people will recognize when they try to find your book in a store.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be expensive to get a great cover. You can use a free book cover maker to create a stunning cover that will set you apart from your competition.

4. Format Your Book for Your Platform

The next step in self-publishing a book is formatting it for your chosen platform. Many platforms can take a Word document and turn it into an eBook.

You can also design your own eBooks using eBook makers and a little bit of HTML/XML knowledge. Formatting is important, because it affects the reader’s experience with your book.

If you’re having trouble formatting your book, you can often ask for help. The team at your chosen platform will have the know-how to make your book look beautiful.

5. Sustained Marketing is a Key Part of How to Self-Publish a Book

One thing people tend to forget when they think about how to self-publish a book is marketing. Marketing happens both before and after your book is published.

A great marketing campaign is key to success as an author. After all, no one can buy your book if they don’t know it exists.

Marketing doesn’t need to be expensive either. You can make a free website and use social media to spread the word about your new book.

Publish Your Book Now

Now you know how to self-publish a book. It doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. If you do get stuck, there are experienced professionals ready to help you at every step.

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