Several Ways to Use Malas and Strengthen Your Mind

Malas have transcended time and are widely acclaimed as spiritual beads. These prayer beads can be used during meditation and as a healing and spiritual tool. The 108 beads are a source of strength and positive energy in Yoga, Hinduism, and Buddhism. You can use these beads to harness your mind’s power, but if you are new to mala beads, it pays to have an idea of where to start.

In this article, we explain to you how you can use mala beads to improve your mental strength.

To Set and Choose Intention

Setting intentions involves you declaring your hopes in a positive way. It is vital to set goals because they help give you direction in your daily life. Using your mala beads, you can instill your intentions during meditation. Alongside your goals, the beads will remind you to live with love and passion and to enjoy the fleeting moments. When you set clear intentions, your mind is geared to accept the message, and eventually, you will be bound to achieve it yet.

To Control your Breath

Controlling your breath is a critical component of meditation. It is a simple technique and can be practiced just about anywhere. You can use Mala beans to control your breathing by holding it with a single hand and letting it drape on your fingers for easy movement. You use two fingers to hold the bead that is right next to the Guru bead. After holding the bead, complete one cycle of breathing. You then move your finger to the second beat after the guru then breathe in and out. 

Repeat the same process for each bead until you reach 108 beads. You may find that breathing exercise is calming. If this is the case, you can repeat another round of inhaling and exhaling by moving in opposite directions. Your breathing should be relaxed, slow, and deep.

Repeating a Mantra

You probably understand what a mantra is. They help you keep your focus on being aware as you meditate and seek to strengthen your mind. When you create a mantra, you should ensure that the mantra is calming. Use your intuition over intellect if you want to stand a chance at transforming your consciousness and, in return, fulfill your desires. 

You can create different mantras for different situations. The process of repeating a mantra with mala beads involves saying the mantra instead of breathing in and out for every bead. You choose how you say your mantra. You can say it loudly, whisper, vision it in your mind, or speak in a clear voice. You can repeat the same process starting from a different end of the beads. 

Empowering Mantras

It is possible to use Mala beads to empower a mantra. Using these beads for empowerment involves meditating on it for 40 days continuously. When using mala beads to empower your mantras, they can be worn or lightly placed on another person to transmit the mantra’s energy and the energetic qualities of a mala. You can use a new mala when choosing a new mantra because when you say a new mantra, the mala is charged with new energy. 

Showing gratitude

Our attention is often taken away by the world’s problems, and we forget just how much more we have. Showing gratitude is good for the mind as it is a step towards the cultivation of empathy. Also, showing appreciation helps build mental resilience and is good for physical and psychological health. You can use your Mala beads to contemplate gratitude and transform your mindset. 

Before you start using mala beads for this purpose, breathe in and clear your mind so that you are in the right mental space. You shall then begin from the first bead and use every other bead to note something you feel grateful for. Outline everything you wish to be thankful for, no matter how insignificant you might think it is. You may find that your thoughts circle the same thing, but try to think of as many reasons as possible to be grateful. You will find that over time, as you keep practicing to show gratitude, the process becomes more manageable. When you feel distracted, you will also learn how to focus back on the feelings of appreciation better over time, and you will notice that your mental strength has increased.

Mala beads are beautiful and can be used in many different ways. However, one of the best ways to use your mala beads is to strengthen your mind. You can use the beads to set an intention, control breathing, choose and empower a mantra, and show gratitude, which in turn strengthens your mind. By reading through the piece, you will understand how you can make all this happen.