7 DIY Projects To Take Up This Summer

Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned handyman, there are countless DIY projects you can undertake to improve organization, comfort, and practicality around your house. As it so happens, the ongoing pandemic is keeping millions of people confined at home, so why not use this time to develop your skills and learn a new craft? 

In that spirit, we’ve compiled 7 awesome DIY home project ideas to lift your spirits and keep you busy this summer.

Get Painting

A DIY house painting job is a perfect opportunity to freshen up the appearance of your living space, at a minimal cost. Over time, the paint on your interior and exterior walls will start to chip and wear out. Perhaps you’ve been contemplating a color change. If that’s the case, pay a visit to your supply store to purchase a bucket of quality paint – look for special kinds depending on surface type. You’ll also need paint rollers, brushes, a tray, tapes, and cloth/sandpaper. There are many instructional videos you can watch to tackle your latest painting project like a pro.

Roof Renovation

If you aren’t afraid of heights, get up that ladder, and inspect the state of your roof. Because roofing is a fundamental part of your home’s structure, it’s crucial that you go about renovating it carefully and with the right equipment. If your roof is made of metal, you’ll need a nibbler to cut through it, as these tools are specifically designed to cut through and shape metal sheets (aluminum, steel, iron) for new shingles with ease. Besides, a nibbler is an essential tool to have in your arsenal for all sorts of projects.

Bookcase/Box shelves

Building a piece of practical furniture isn’t just reserved for woodworking experts. As a matter of fact, a simple bookcase, some bookshelves, or box shelf units are perfectly viable projects for DIY beginners. It all comes down to your ability to make the right choices, and follow building and assembly instructions to the letter. Now, depending on your budget and envisioned furniture size, you’ll find a variety of online tutorials to help you create your very first woodwork storage solution.

Modern Floor Lamp

Why spend hundreds of dollars on a sophisticated standing floor lamp while you can build and customize your own? To brighten up your interior and add a unique touch, start by choosing a style; industrial, rustic-chic, or simple tripod lamps are some nice options. You can also repurpose a hockey stick, some old pipelines, or even a tree branch to serve as a rod. Be sure to have a solid base for stability and function. Remember, the simpler the design, the more modern it will look (lampshades are optional). Finally, attach some wires, put in a light bulb, and voilà!

Rope Plant Hangers

To give your rooms a fresh and eclectic feel, you can craft some plant hangers using nothing but plain rope. These exemplify the beauty of DIY-ing, i.e. creating cool things with simple materials and very little technical knowledge. To get started, select a plant or flower pot that’s not too big or heavy. Next, use a rope and follow a macramé weaving pattern to hold the pot nice and tight. This will fill your space vertically and give the appearance of a hanging garden. All in all, this should take around 10 minutes and will cost no more than a few dollars. Check out some instructional videos online for extra help.

Outdoor Wooden Bench

Outdoor furniture can be outrageously expensive these days. Now, what if you need extra seating for garden parties and barbecues? Thankfully, with your newly found interest in DIY-ing and woodwork, putting together a neat bench for your patio or yard will be child’s play. You can do this using repurposed materials from wood crates, an old headboard, chair, or dresser. Again, there are hundreds of online resources that will enable you to add a nice homemade touch to your outdoor space, all while staying on budget.

Porch Swing

This one is aimed towards more experienced crafters. If you’ve always wanted to furnish your home’s entrance, a beautiful porch swing will be an impressive addition. For this, you’ll need a few tools along with pieces of wood of different sizes. There are quite a few steps to ensure the swing is built and hangs solidly, so we recommend you consult online tutorials for further building instructions.

We hope this friendly guide will have inspired you to get started on some DIY home projects this summer. Ultimately, regardless of your expertise and budget, DIY-ing is a formidable chance to sharpen your building skills and bask in the glory of your latest handmade creation!