How to Save on Staple Clothing for Your Wardrobe

A standard family spends about $3000.00 per year on clothing. That number, for some, can represent a financial hardship.

If you’re looking to get the staple clothing you need to look your best but are concerned about cost, we don’t blame you and we’ve 100% got your back.

Below, we break down how you can save money on the clothing that you need so you and your bank account can feel good!

1. Know What You Need

One of the top reasons why people end up overspending on clothes is that they don’t know what clothing to buy before they hit up their local mall. That freewheeling attitude creates an open-ended shopping experience that can get extremely expensive.

Staple clothing consists of things like jean jackets, these sneakers, button-up shirts, good jeans, white t-shirts and other basics.

Take note of what you have and don’t have before you hop in your car and you’ll save yourself from buying a bunch of crud you don’t need.

2. Shop Out of Season

Looking to buy tank tops during the summer? You’re going to pay more.

Want to buy a nice coat in the dead of winter? You’re going to pay more.

If you flip that though (buy tank tops in winter and coats in summer) you’re going to bump into exceptional clearance specials.

That bit of planning ahead can save you big bucks at the resister.

3. Find Coupons

We love coupons and if you don’t then you need to reevaluate your life.

Coupons are straight up free money that stores offer to informed consumers. You can often find them on a store’s website or in marketing circulars.

Always keep an eye out for coupons a week or two before you’re planning on going shopping and we guarantee you that you’re going to bump into something that can save you big money.

4. Hit The Outlets

If you’re lucky enough to have an outlet mall in your area, do yourself a favor and shop at it. Outlets not only have a wide variety of brands to shop from all in a single location but they offer exceptional discounts.

The downside to outlets is that they specialize in carrying overstock items from non-outlet stores. That could mean that your selection at an outlet won’t be the same as the selection you’d find at a mall.

Still, you’ll have tons of options and the enjoy the potential to save tons of money.

Wrapping up How to Save on Staple Clothing for Your Wardrobe

Having staple clothing in your wardrobe is a must if you’re interested in being able to create unique outfit combinations and look your best day in and day out. By following our tips above, you’ll be able to stay savvy while styling!

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