7 Old-Fashioned Family Night Out Ideas That Are STILL Big Hits

Family fun is one of the most important parts of building a strong family bond that could last a lifetime. Most families develop traditions in times of fun, and it’s these traditions that could define and individualize each member of the family.

However, with modern technology and busy schedules, it has become increasingly hard to get each member of the family together for an amazing family fun night.

It’s very easy for people to drop down family time on their list of priorities, especially when all they have to do is binge watch Netflix or play board games, which honestly becomes quite old after a few times.

This is why it’s about time we bring back some old fashioned family night out ideas to revamp the fun and make everyone look forward to fun nights.

1. Go on a Camping Trip

Your children probably can’t get enough of the stories you tell them about your camping days in your youth, so it’s only fair that you give them a similar experience. You may not have a similar station wagon, but it will be well worth gathering your equipment and making similar memories with your kids. You don’t need to go camping very far. Do it close by in the neighborhood if possible.

Go to a campground where you’ll do everything together from putting up the tents to gathering firewood for the bonfire, making the fire, and making some dinner. It’s the laughter that comes about when you’re roasting food and marshmallows that creates an incredible night together and happy family time.

You also get an opportunity to enjoy the night together, especially if you’re in a place where you can catch fireflies and listen to toads croak and crickets creak in the night. Forget about WI-Fi, smartphones, and movies for one night, and have some quality bonding time in front of a bonfire.

Nothing beats such memories.

2. Attend an Outdoor Event

If there’s a local concert going on in your town, you can attend that as a family and enjoy some incredible music and some great food. You’ll have an incredible evening outside with fresh air while you get to meet and interact with other people. This can be one of the best family night out ideas for everyone, especially if you decide to listen to old fashion music and the kids get to learn the old dance moves.

This is one of those things that they’ll definitely never forget because they’ll always remember the dance style their parents moved to. You can also go to some famous places like the independence square or night museum and teach your kids some fun history.

3. Take Crafting Classes

Crafting is an old fashioned hobby and most kids nowadays have no idea about it. You can take your evening to a crafting class and do some basic projects together. Who knows, your kids may actually get to like it and decide to continue with the classes. Try anything from drawing, painting, sculpting, and any other crafts you find enjoyable as a family.

You can even try crocheting or knitting and see how much fun you guys will have together. Macrame was also a big hit in the 1970s and most people don’t even know about it even though it can be incredibly fun.

4. Have an Awesome Bowling Night

Bowling is an old-fashioned sport and something a lot of people used to thrive back in the day. Very few parents get to take the kids to this event without realizing that it could make an incredible family night out experience. Back in the day, bowling was not just fun, but also competitive and this is something kids nowadays don’t get to experience.

If you go in as a family, show your kids how to do it, laugh at yourself for failing and finally succeeding, You’ll make some incredible memories and some good family time. This could be one of the most amazing family nights out and your kids will learn how to bowl. Win-win.

5. Create a Fun Family Olympics

Family Olympics can be the ultimate fun because of there an outdoor activity that anyone can participate in. The activities don’t have to be complicated but this will depend on the age of your children. Hold anything from sports to feats of athletic prowess and then enjoy some juicy steaks or sloppy joes after that. You don’t need a family of athletics to try these things because you can do some silly things like egg toss or balloon toss while blindfolded.

You can also try passing on oranges without using your hands or even relay races depending on how big your backyard is. Ensure you create challenges that everyone in the family will participate in even if it includes jumping rope, and playing hopscotch, or Foursquare. All these are old fashioned games and you all have a blast

6. Night Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts have always been incredibly fun to do and like the Olympics, it will depend on the age of your children. If you have young children, you can try color scavenger hunt and the clues can get more complicated as the age advances. Have a prize for the winner, which will motivate everybody.

Of course, before anyone can get it there’s going to be a lot of running, a lot of laughter, and a lot of bonding. By the time you get a winner, you have had so much fun that it will be a day hard to forget.

7. Special Family Meal Night

There are so many ways to turn a meal into an incredibly fun time. Back in the day when smartphones and laptops, we’re not a thing yet, cooking together as a family and spending time in the outdoors was always time well spent. Drag the whole family to the grocery store, choose the recipe ingredients together, then prepare and cook as a family.

Choose something different from what you usually have like cuisine from a different part of the world to make it interesting and memorable. Everyone can have a designated task like preparing the salad or cutting the vegetables and taking charge of the appetizer.

Tell stories or talk about your day while you’re at it. Doing something different from what you do every day will create lifelong memories of an incredible family night.

Get Ready for Some Family Night Out Ideas

These are some of the most incredible family night out ideas you can do as a family and have fun. These will create memorable times, bonding and bring you together as a family.

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