How to Become a Better Archer: 4 Archery Tips to Know

Archery is an ancient sport. The fact that it is still around and gaining new fans every day is a testament to the beauty and fun that is a part of the sport.

If you are interested in learning more about archery, so that you can enhance your current archery skill, then it means that you want to take the sport seriously. The good news is that once you know a few simple tips you can improve your skill.

Here is a look at some archery tips that will make your life a lot easier.

1. Your Posture

Your Posture is very important you are probably very aware of this already but if you have not been practicing then you are not maximizing your potential. Posture affects your aim. The bottom line is that bad posture translates into bad aim.

Good posture takes practice and one of the best things you can for yourself is to stand in front of the mirror and practice. Take your bow and stand before a large mirror. The perfect mirror will enable you to see the entire bow.

Draw your bow and check if your posture is correct. Do this several times to ensure that you are doing it right.

2. Take Your Time

Do not release your shots too quickly. Impatience shouldn’t overtake you. It will make you miss your spot.

Relax and let your mind and eyes focus on your target. Once you have done this aim your shot for at least ten seconds before you release it. Taking the time to get everything lined up just right will ensure that you have greater accuracy.

3. One of the Most Important Archery Tips To Master is Your Footing

Don’t get so focused on the bow, your arm, or your draw that you overlook the way that you are standing. The way that you are standing is of extreme importance.

The wider your feet are the better it will be for your shooting. Make sure that your feet are about shoulder-length wide when you are about to take a shot.

4. Watch Your Arrows

Yes, arrows are expensive but if you want to be a great archer you cannot skimp on quality in this area. Having mismatched arrows of low quality is a sure recipe for not being able to do your best. 

Even if you can only buy six high-quality arrows then use those instead of using mismatched low-quality ones. Whether you are doing archery tag, or regular archery this tiny adjustment alone is enough to enhance your accuracy. 

Time to Enjoy the Sport

Now that you know how to get the best experience possible, it is time to up your game. Make sure that you pay attention to your posture and footing while attempting to take a shot.

You may be in a rush to improve and be the best archer possible but remember to take your time with what you are doing. Don’t rush things take your time to aim and shoot properly. If you would like more archery tips and sporting information, please visit the sports section of the website.