Golf For Cheap: How to Play the ‘Rich Man’s Sport’ On a Budget

Do you want to start golfing on a budget? Wondering how you can golf for cheap?

While many people see golf as only a “rich man’s sport”, it doesn’t have to be that way. Playing budget golf is entirely possible as long as you know a few simple tips and tricks for doing it.

Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. Below we’ll tell you how you can start playing golf on a budget and start enjoying your hobby without breaking the bank.

1. Buy Used Golf Clubs

One of the best ways that you can golf on the cheap is to make sure you’re not spending too much on golf clubs. Instead of buying brand new golf clubs, you should opt to buy second-hand clubs instead. Used golf clubs will work just as well as new ones, and they can be bought for a fraction of the cost.

Especially since you’ll need to have many different clubs to play, golf clubs can be expensive. By buying used instead, you’ll save quite a bit of money when participating in the sport.

2. Opt For Long-Lasting Golf Gear

While buying used golf gear can be helpful for saving money, it’s often a good idea to buy well-made products that are durable and long-lasting. By buying durable products, you’ll have to make fewer purchases overall.

Golf bags, tees, and other small golfing accessories can wear out quickly, particularly if they’re cheaply made. It’s important to look for golf equipment, such as plastic golf tees, that are built well and that will last for longer periods of time. 

3. Play a Round During Off-Peak Times

Another great way to save money on golf is to start playing only in off-peak times. Playing golf in the off-season or at certain times of day will often allow you to get discounted rates, so be sure to check with any courses and clubs in your area to find out what your options are.

Additionally, booking online and well in advance will often allow you to get lower rates as well.

4. Start Walking

One of the top ways to save money on a round of golf is by opting to walk instead of taking a golf cart around the course. Many courses will charge a cart fee separately.

By opting to walk instead, you’ll likely save a good bit of cash and will get a little bit of extra exercise as well. 

5. Reduce Your Clothing Budget

If you want to save money when playing golf, it’s well worth looking for ways to spend less on golf attire.

Buying golf clothes from a discounted shop can be a great idea and will help ensure that you’ll have the attire you need for a game of golf without overspending. You may also want to wait until the off-season to buy golf clothes, as prices will usually be much lower at this time of the year.

Using These Tips to Golf For Cheap

If you want to golf for cheap, you’ll need to be smart and stay as thrifty as possible. By using the tips and strategies listed above, you’ll be able to get plenty of enjoyment from the game without spending more than necessary.

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