Great Gift Ideas For Music Enthusiasts

Music can be a tough career or hobby to get into. There’s a big learning curve that comes with learning an instrument and tough decisions to make when picking what kind of gear you need to help pursue your dreams of being a musician. Once you’ve narrowed down the instrument, you’re often left wondering, “What else do I need?” Surprisingly, there’s a lot of equipment that can help elevate a musicians’ abilities that we don’t even know about.

If you’re looking for ideas on what music related gifts to get a musician in your life, or someone who just loves music, check out these options:

Guitar Pedals and Pedal Boards

Excellent gift for anyone that plays guitar and wants to experiment with their sound. Not super pricey, and can really enhance their live performances. Not only is it a neat gift idea, but they’re very small and compact. Using this pedal, which is operated with your foot, you can add interesting effects to your guitar playing, like distortion or feedback for new sounds.


Turntable or record player, whatever you want to call it, it’s a wonderful gift for music enthusiasts. Turntables have come back in style in a big way as people believe vinyl records have a richer, more textured sound for audio playback. It makes for a wonderful decorative piece as well and can be outfitted with all kinds of stands to tie it into the style of your room and fill your home with beautiful music that you can’t get from digital music playback. A little pricier, but they’ll stand the test of time as your record collection grows.

Amplifiers and Speakers

Keeping with the theme of audio playback, a good record player is only as good as the sound system you provide it with. An integrated amplifier will boost the sound capabilities of your turntable and let you listen to your music the way it was intended to, with richer sounds and a louder delivery volume. Don’t be fooled though, integrated amplifiers can be used with Bluetooth devices like our phones and CD players too. Whatever source you’re using for music playback, make sure it’s being heard the way music was intended to be.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Another must-have for musicians or music enthusiasts alike, noise cancelling headphones will improve your listening capabilities immensely. Over the ear headphones are superior to earbuds because of their technological capabilities like noise cancellation. Keeping out the background sound will make your listening more pleasurable if you’re on your morning commute, sitting in your favorite chair with your favorite record on, or trying to mix and master your music down to the last sound wave.

Music enthusiasts aren’t hard to please if you know what you’re looking for. Gift ideas that range from improving their music playing abilities, improving the quality of the music playback. These gift ideas will go a long way in satisfying even the pickiest of audio aficionados. We wouldn’t settle for less when trying to enjoy our hobbies, we shouldn’t make the music enthusiasts in our life do the same!