Float Through Summer: Top 7 Tube Trips You Must Take

What’s the best way to experience summertime, in most states? Being near or on water, swimming and floating.

Whether you’re looking for a swimming hole in your home state or in another for vacation, we can help you out.

Here’s our list of the top 7 places to go tubing you should check out to cool down from the summer heat (listed alphabetically by state).

Before we start, here’s a pro-tip when considering these places: look up the photos of them. They’re truly beautiful, breathtaking, and will have you checking your calendar for free time to travel.

1. California

At the heart of the Russian River, you’ll find Guerneville, California. Located a short drive from San Fransisco, this sweet town has less than 5,000 people.

Lush green forests surround this enchanting river. Plus, it’s low key and easy to find nearby tube rentals and sales.

To add to your unique, traffic-less California experience, you can venture over to the Redwoods, an experience everyone should have on their bucket list.

2. Colorado

Fort Collins, north of Denver, boasts the Cache La Poudre River (pronounced “pooh-der”). The river float takes a few hours through Poudre Canyon.

This river is the only one protected under the National Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, meaning it’s as scenic and untouched as it gets. You’ll float by unrealistic cliffs and rock formations along your journey and smell the sweet crisp smells of ponderosa pines.

Aside from floating, there’s a lot to do in Fort Collins as far as outdoor adventures go. This river float would be a great place for a family vacation, or a stay-cation if you live nearby.

3. Florida

Florida’s tropical summers demand water activities. Luckily, there’s plenty of options to choose from.

You can go somewhere like Blue Spring State Park to float in crystal clear, refreshing water. It’s open 365 days a year and offers bird watching, scuba diving, and boat tours along with a classic tube float.

If you’re a local with a boat (or friends with a local and they have a boat) and want to get a little more sporty, consider pulling a tube in the boat’s wake in a bay, river, or lake. They’re easy to find in the sunshine state and are well worth it.

Don’t forget to brush up on towable tube safety first.

Whether you decide to float lazily or behind a boat, this article brings up some important safety tips for any water activity, such as wearing a life jacket and using proper gear.

4. Idaho

If you’ve never been to Idaho and think it’s only about potatoes, you should plan a trip to this beautiful state.

In northern Idaho, you can float the Coeur d’Alene River through serene forests. The river connects with the North Fork, an extremely popular river for outdoor enthusiasts.

You can even add a 4-day camping and biking tour when you visit the area.

If you want to check out the capital in the southern part of Idaho, head to the Boise River for a relaxing float. Over 125,000 people float this stretch annually. 

It goes through the heart of downtown Boise. Plus, the end of the float is close to many restaurants, breweries, and activities for the family. 

5. Nebraska

If you want to head to a less-populated area for your getaway, check out Mullen, Nebraska. The town has around 500 inhabitants and life seems to move at a relaxed, slow pace.

What’s unique about floating the Middle Loup River in Mullen is the vessel in which you float in — it’s a tank. By tank, we mean a steel bowl-looking boat that’s actually used for watering cattle and horses. 

Pile your whole crew into a tank and float the day away. You can also fish, hike, and camp in this peaceful place.

6. New York

If you’re a history or outdoor fanatic, consider planning a trip to the Ausable River. It’s one of the most unique floats in that it goes through the Ausable Chasm — one of the oldest natural attractions in the country. 

Take a second and Google this place — you’ll see what we mean. The rock formations will blow your mind.

If you decide to check out this special area in New York, you can easily find campgrounds, climbing, and nighttime lantern tours.

If you want to find a stretch in the state that’s a little more rugged, the Sacandaga River isn’t a bad choice. You can go down class II and class III routes — just remember what we said about safety.

7. Texas

Again, Texas is one of those southern states that residents and visitors alike swarm to water to escape the summer heat.

One option is the San Marcos River, located in an energetic college town. The river is cool and the nightlife is cooler.

Another option is the Guadalupe River in New Braunfels. This is a popular one if you do your Texas river research. It originates out of Canyon Lake and local companies offer rentals, shuttles, and parking fees in one single payment.

Float Through Summer with These Places to Go Tubing

Enjoy the heat of the season from an inflated throne in one of these top places to go tubing. 

Even if you don’t live in any of these states, consider planning a river trip that’s both relaxing and enjoyable in summers to come. If you do, it’s worth the drive to either float or get behind a boat — it will be totally tube-ular, trust us.

In the meantime, keep browsing our blog for more travel and adventure ideas.