Biking Bucket List: 10 Epic Motorcycle Rides You Should Be Riding

Summer is the best time of year to be out on the road. And there’s no better way to see the country than on a motorcycle.

There’s really nothing like the open road. The fresh air. The sunshine. Long stretches of asphalt with the wind in your hair. This is living life at its finest. So where should you go for your next road trip? Glad you asked!

In this article, we take a look at some of the best motorcycle rides in the country. Keep reading to see our list of the top motorcycle destinations from coast to coast.

1. Colorado: Peak to Peak Highway 

The Peak to Peak Highway is 60 miles long and features unbelievable scenery and fabulous curves. This is truly Mother Nature at her finest.

During this ride you’ll get to experience the Continental Divide and Rocky Mountain National Park, just to name a few of Colorado’s natural treasures. The glacier-cut valleys and switchbacks take you through thick forests and alpine meadows that will take your breath away. 

Be sure to pack your hiking boots and camping gear so that you can take advantage of scenic trails you discover along the way.

2. Montana & Wyoming: Beartooth Highway

This scenic ride through Wyoming and Montana is one of the most beautiful drives in America, as well as the highest elevation paved road in the northern Rockies.

Unfortunately, it’s closed for several months every year due to snow and freezing conditions. But when it’s open in the Spring and Fall, this is a ride that should be on everyone’s bucket list.

3. Montana: Going-To-The-Sun Road

If you’ve seen the Stanley Kubrick classic “The Shining”, then you’ll probably recognize this stretch of highway from the opening credits.

This ride is truly among the most gorgeous pieces of real estate on the planet. There’s really nothing like it anywhere else. In fact, it’s the only major paved road that passes through Glacier National Park, one of the most beautiful National Parks in the country.

This highway is only about 50 miles long, yet it features some great curves and smooth asphalt. It’s an easy ride, so just relax, soak in the sunshine and fresh air, and let the cares of life drift away.

4. Arkansas: Pig Trail Scenic Byway

Believe it or not, Arkansas is home to some of the most scenic motorcycles rides in the country. This is especially true of the Arkansas State Route 23 that passes through Ozark National Forest.

Known as Pig Trail Scenic Byway, this ride winds through the mountains and offers you the chance to be dazzled by vibrant colors of the changing seasons and enough amazing wildlife to keep you on your toes all day long.

We recommend taking this ride during the Fall when the colors are at their most bright and brilliant, but you couldn’t go wrong any time of year.

5. California: State Route 1

Also know as the Pacific Coast Highway, or PCH, this is one of the most scenic and heavily traveled stretches of highway, not only in California, but also in the world. It’s an easy ride that winds along the shores of the Pacific Ocean, creating memories  that will remain with you for decades to come.

You’ll pass through many small towns as well as bigger cities as you travel the 656-mile route from end to end. Just be prepared to be patient, because you will encounter many fellow travels along this busy road.

6. Michigan: Tunnel of Trees Road

Let’s now travel to the midwest for a look at another gorgeous road through stunning scenery.

The Tunnel of Trees Road is also known as M-119. This state highway winds through Michigan’s western coast toward the state’s southern land mass. The ride is less than 30 miles long, but that certainly doesn’t diminish the experience of awe and beauty.

This is another ride that is best taken during the Fall as the colors change, and be prepared for heavy traffic on the narrow road.

When you’re prepping to hit the road, make sure you are familiar with motorcycle diy maintenance.

7. Texas: River Road

Venturing further south on the map, you won’t want to miss River Road, a 115-mile ride along the Rio Grand in most of the most scenic portions of Texas.

This ride offers you the chance to discover such delights as terrain shaped by ancient volcanic eruptions, and even old movie sets that have been abandoned for decades.

You can hike and camp along River Road, just be cautious during summer months due to the intense heat in this part of the country. 

8. Maine: Coastal Route One

Anyone seeking a motorcycle destination worthy of your bucket list should add Maine to the top of your list. U.S. Route 1 from Brunswick to Machias is the ultimate New England experience. At 167 miles, it’s an easy ride, and offers plenty of detours to full your summer days with the kind of casual fun you’ve been dreaming of.

9. California: Route 36

Let’s return to California for another addition to your list of can’t-miss destinations. Route 36 stretches for 250 miles from Fortuna to Susanville, providing riders with an epic ride through California’s famous redwoods. This isn’t the most technical route, yet still offers plenty of curves and beauty to satisfy even the most hardcore rider.

10. Tennessee: Tail of the Dragon at Deals Gap

At a mere 11 miles in length, this is by far the shortest ride on our list. And yet it’s also the most challenging. It offers riders 318 curves, making it an unforgettable motorcycle experience. Thus we suggest that novice riders hold off until they are fully prepared to take on this bad boy.

The Best Motorcycle Rides in the United States

When you’re ready to plan your next road trip, this list of great motorcycle rides will help you make the most of every hour spent on the highway. America is blessed with thousands of miles of beautiful scenery, and now is the time to start seeing all of it!

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