Easy Home Improvements That Promotes Security

If you take a closer look at your family and other valuable assets you’ve invested around your home, then it will become clear that you need to improve your home’s security status. Having to come back to a secure home is an accomplishment and a great achievement. But as you may be aware, most, if not all home security apparatus are expensive. But investing in high-end home security systems isn’t the only way you can secure your home. To help you out, we’ve lined up some inexpensive ways that can help towards making your home safer and to keep burglars off your grid. 

Below are easy home improvements that promote security.

Light up your yard

Your home is a huge investment and this means that you should protect it by all means. Outdoor lights are a great addition to your home and they’ll help to make your home safer for everyone. There are so many risks associated with living in a dark property. In this helpful article, you’ll also learn that installing outdoor lights along the walkways will not only help to improve visibility at night but will also help to deter burglars. Today, you can invest in modern floodlights that are controlled by motion sensors. This will help to ensure that all the nooks and crannies in your yard are illuminated. 

Below are some other incredible benefits of installing outdoor lights, they include:

  • Outdoor lights can enhance your home’s curb appeal
  • It’s a great way to highlight and show off your landscaping
  • Improves your property value
  • Prevents you from tripping on objects at night

Replace door jambs, hinges, and locks

The most convenient way a person can gain access to your home is through the front door. This they can do by either picking the lock, breaking the lock, or kicking in the door if it’s hanging on weak hinges. While it’s a great idea to invest in the best home security systems, they’ll be of no use if the front door doesn’t keep burglars out. Now, even with a decorative door, such as the ones made of glass, you can still install a solid door that has a stronger core. In addition to this, it makes a lot of sense when after doing all this, you’d consider changing the locks as well.

Upgrade your windows

Windows are also another access point and you’ll be better advised to burglar-proof all your windows. Even for higher windows, you’ll still need to ensure that there are no trees around that can be used to gain access to your home. Some window latches and locks are no match to a pry bar. You’ll, therefore, need to ensure that you’ve updated these locks and latches with stronger, efficient, and reliable ones. 

Among other things you need to consider when securing your windows include:

  • Install security bars and grilles especially on all ground-level windows
  • Install quality window locks and latches
  • Consider upgrading your windows with smash proof glass options rather than the weaker types.

Trim the hedges around your home


Overgrown shrubs and trees around your home are security threats and can cause all sorts of problems, some not related to security. For instance, the roots of various trees will grow extensively and they can damage pavements or compromise the structural integrity of your house. Some plants are very beautiful and are a great addition to your yard. But when unmanaged, they’ll obscure the very things that are making your home safer such as security cameras and security lights. In addition to this, shrubs and bushes can serve as perfect hideouts for crooks at night. The easiest fix would be to regularly prune and trim overgrown trees and plants.

Employ decoy tactics

You don’t need to have a security system for your home to appear secure. You only need to be convincing enough to make your home a tough nut to crack! Placing a warning decal suggesting that your home is protected by an electronic security system will send chills to anyone daring to break into your house. It’s a simple tactic yet very effective.


Living in a safe and secure environment is the dream of every homeowner. With the ever-increasing statistics on home invasion, it’s important if you would consider the above pointers. This is because the safety of your family depends on it and you cannot put a price on that. The above home improvements will go a long way in not only making your home safer but also more appealing.