Chic Ways to Transition Your Wardrobe From Winter to Spring

Spring is coming, so this is a good time to make some changes to your wardrobe. The transition periods between the two seasons, especially between winter and spring, are tricky. You look into your closet and don’t know whether to choose a winter or spring jacket. But there are some winter pieces that you can still use in the spring. Refresh your look with colors and soft materials. Pair your winter jackets and coats with summer dresses – because it’s time for a new spring look! But before you make the transition from winter to spring, keep reading for easy tips to make your style elegant and appropriate.


Jewelry is the center of your outfit


You can wear the same clothing pieces each season, but the jewellery makes those pieces belong in a season you want. Jewellery is what distinguishes all your spring outfits from winter ones. Choose colourful, elegant pieces like amethyst, a February birthstone, and let the spring come into your style. February birthstone color is almost always associated with purple, but every gem is slightly different, and it ranges from a pinkish color to a deeper shade of purple. Purple in spring? Why not?! Make a change in your look by adding rings, necklaces, and earrings that will transform the way you feel. Spring is here, so let your style reflect that.


Keep your winter boots


Don’t store away your winter boots yet. You can wear those knee-length boots with various summer skirts and dresses, all paired with a nice coat. It will look stylish and is a perfect outfit for this ever-changing weather. As days become a little warmer switch for your ankle-length boots. They look great not just with dresses and skirts, but with pants and capris too.


Sweaters and skirts are a perfect match


Combine opposite materials and clothing pieces. True, the time has passed for those heavy and extra warm sweaters, so you can put them aside. But you can still wear lighter sweaters and blazers under your jeans jacket. Choose skirts and dresses with a summer vibe, floral patterns are the best. Combine these pieces with lighter sweaters and you can even add some ankle-length boots and knee-length socks for a perfect look. Socks are a perfect solution in the evening when the temperature is low.


Summer dresses and winter coats


Pull out all your spring and summer dresses because you are going to need them in upcoming seasons. It doesn’t matter how thin their material is for this particular weather. Truth be told, the lighter and more colorful the materials are – the better. Pair your dresses with sneakers and your winter jackets. Add a scarf for a more completed look. You may think that these two don’t go together, but a lot of celebrities and influencers use this clothing combination to look chic and unique.


Be careful with layers


The layered dressing is still a key when deciding what to wear during spring and autumn. But the thing is that you can go wrong in spring if you overdo it. Wear only two to three layers while combining summer and winter clothes together. Winter pieces should always be worn as top layers. Store away your dark-colored clothing and bring out the pastel pieces! Dress in a way that inspires you and brings out the good mood.


Trench coat


If you want, you could swap your winter coats for a nice trench coat. Its material is perfect for windy and rainy weather, so it will keep you protected. Its length makes it go perfect with boots and dresses. Trench coats are also light so they are perfect for sunny days too. Choose light colors like baby blue, baby pink, light green or earthy tones. These coats can be worn almost all year round.




From your favorite jeans to jackets and vests, this material is perfect for spring. The benefit of this material is that it is perfect for every season; it just depends on how you combine it. Find denim skirts that look great on you and pair them with whatever you want. You can wear sneakers, sandals, boots or high heels with your denim skirts and other clothing pieces. You can go all denim, or you can wear a denim jacket with a wool skirt and sneakers.