8 Fun and Unique Rainy Day Activities

Gloomy and rainy days can always put a damper on you plans, and this becomes even more challenging when pubs and restaurants are shut and we’re being told to stay home. Kids can easily keep themselves entertained and they have scores of ideas to make the most of their time indoors. What about adults? When outdoor activities and other entertainment are off the agenda, here are 8 fun and unique ideas to keep yourself entertained.

1.      Play the Question Game

Make a nice cup of tea and sit down with your friends or family to test your general knowledge and questioning skills. These days, we occupy our minds with digital devices, streaming apps, and social media platforms, but nothing is as entertaining as spending with your loved ones over a game, and giving your brain a bit of a workout at the same time. If you’re not able to get together in person at the moment, this is also a great activity to do over Skype or Zoom!

The rules of the question game are simple. Divide the participants into 2 teams. Select the field or subject and think of a personality or thing. The other team asks 20 questions about the think trying to eliminate possibilities to know the right answer.

2.      Watch Live Cricket

Since live cricket in Australia and New Zealand is played during the Aussie summer, from December to February, this is one of the best times for cricket fans to enjoy test matches, ODIs, T20s, and Big Bash League. The Aussie and Kiwi cricket grounds present a tremendous spectacle and many of the innovations in the sport come from Australian broadcasters. Get ready for the Boxing Day Test Match between India and Australia at the MCG this year and keep up to date with online fantasy cricket platforms.

3.      Get Puzzling

Don’t underestimate how fun it can be to do a good, old-fashioned jigsaw puzzle. This is an excellent activity to do on a rainy day – sitting down and working on a puzzle is incredibly relaxing, almost meditative. Also, there is nothing more satisfying than putting the last piece to complete a puzzle! Puzzles are seeing something of a renaissance at the moment and their increasing popularity means that there’s a large range of cool puzzles available. You’ll be able to find puzzles of all sizes and on virtually every theme online, from woodland scenes and classic paintings to modern Sci-Fi!

4.      Relive Old Memories

Why not take the opportunity of being stuck inside on a rainy day to take a walk down memory lane? This is a great time to relive memories through old photos. Go through old snaps and you can even share scans of old photos with family members in WhatsApp groups. This is also an excellent way to connect with friends and family members. These photos trigger memories and conversations, and you’ll be able to relive those precious moments that may have been forgotten.

5.      Watch Old Movies

Watching movies and TV is a favourite rainy day activity. But rather than scrolling through Netflix for unknown titles, why not revisit the classics? There are some amazing movies that have been made over the past 70 years or so, which you may not have seen for a long time. And what about those classic movies you’ve never seen? Look about the great cinematic classics, or revisit your old favourites from childhood.

6.      Get Creative

One of the best ways to entertain yourself when the weather turns sour is to unleash your creativity. This is not only a fun way to pass the time, but doing anything creative is great for your emotional wellbeing and is sure to lift your mood! There are so many creative activities you can get learn, even if you’ve never tried them before, from painting and paper craft to knitting and sewing. These projects can be as complex or as simple as you like, and there are plenty of free tutorials online for newbies!

7.      Get into Video Games

There’s a reason why so many people of all ages love playing video games. With so many types of video games out there, this is one of the most entertaining things you can do inside on a rainy day. For example, check out the Sega Mega Drive which is sure to bring back memories of playing video games as a kid. Street Fighter, Mario Bros, Sonic the Hedgehog, Contra, Aladdin, Shinobi, and Mortal Combat are some of the names that you will surely by familiar with. Demonstrate your expertise with the wired controllers again to celebrate the beginning of modern digital gaming.

To make rainy day activities even more special, you can first bake some cookies and brew a nice pot of tea. Then you’ll be all set for an enjoyable and rewarding day inside!