The Hottest Hats in the World of Hip-Hop

April 3, 2018 0

If there’s anything celebrities and other high-profile personalities prefer to use for disguise, that would be hats. For us, ordinary mortals, we use hats because they offer warmth and protection in the cold outdoors (save for the occasional we-don’t-want-to-be-seen-by-our-ex situations). But for the most part, hats are more than just [Read More…]

Rick Ross Blasts Birdman & Lil Wayne

January 20, 2016 0

On Sunday night, Birdman and Lil Wayne made it official: They’re back together. But that’s not all. During their joint appearance at Liv in Miami, Baby threatened to “pull up” on the “bitch niggas” who have been saying his name lately. Most people took this as a shot against Rick [Read More…]

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