Can You Get Banned for Buying RuneScape Gold?

RuneScape is one of the most engaging and addictive MMOs right now in the gaming world. Jagex developed an amazing game that still attracts players to this day. The game has a lot to offer, but sometimes people feel the need to buy RuneScape gold from various gold sellers. You might need gold to give you that extra boost that will make your gameplay a lot easier and much more fulfilling. 

So, if you’re wondering whether it’s against the rules or not, read on to understand the process of buying gold for RuneScape.

The Possible Outcome

Unfortunately, one of the possible consequences of buying RS gold is getting your account permanently banned. Officially, the game developers don’t allow players to buy gold with real money. They have tracking systems that check all the gold being traded by players in the game. So, if something peculiar or odd was happening, they would know and it would be easy for them to catch you. They would start tracking your steps and your trades, seeing that you’ve traded a large sum of gold suddenly. So, you should be careful with how you make your gold trades.

Where Can I Buy RuneScape Gold? 

The reasons for buying RS gold vary from one player to another, but the majority can agree that it’s because normal gold-making methods can get very tedious and boring. If you want to take a shortcut, you can find plenty of useful info online about RuneScape gold prices and the most reliable platforms that sell it.  The most important thing before spending any money is to thoroughly research the platform you’ve chosen to make sure that it’s legitimate and safe. Once you’ve found the perfect platform for your gold-buying needs, you can finish the process and make the transaction safely. You will need to get in touch with the platform’s customer service rep to get the details of how you would get the gold in-game and who is going to trade it to you.

Should I Use My Real Account?

Some players can use their real accounts for the trade, but there is a modicum of risk involved with doing that. However, older players can safely use their main account as it’s not uncommon for an established account to get a huge sum of gold suddenly because Jagex can tell that you’ve been playing for years. Also, if you’re a seasoned RS player, it would be clear to them that you’re not a fake account just doing a random transaction. So, even though it’s sometimes risky, it can be a safe option if you’re a diehard player.

Can I Use a Fake Account?

It would be wise to create a fake account for your gold trades, but there are a few steps you should take to make sure that you’re not easily detected. The idea behind having a second account for gold trades is that it keeps your main account safe no matter what. It minimizes any chances of any of the gold sellers finding out who you really are, making it a great option if you prefer to stay anonymous. It’s much easier this way and it won’t trip any alarms that could possibly get you banned. 

Safety Precautions

You should make sure that you follow some safety precautions to lower your chances of getting banned. First of all, your fake account cannot be free-to-play. This is a huge red flag if they traced a huge sum of gold being traded to a free account that can only earn 10 million gold because that’s the price of the most expensive item there. Anything more than that would easily get you banned. Also, if you’ve recently made it, you need to play on that account for a while. You shouldn’t just use it for gold trades and this will minimize your chances of getting traced and banned. Remember to trade the gold sellers some random items or useless junk to make it seem like you’ve traded something for the gold. The game developers won’t notice that you purchased gold this way and your accounts will be safe.

There is nothing wrong with buying some gold with real money if you have the spare cash for it. But you need to be careful not to make it too easy for the game developers to track you and ban you afterward. If you follow the right steps and make sure you don’t overdo it in a short span of time, then you should be safe. Gamers have their own ways of enjoying the games they love and, if you want to buy RS gold to make your time much more enjoyable, then more power to you! Just remember to stay safe and be smart with your gold trades at all times.