8 Unique Wedding Venue Ideas for a Memorable Ceremony

Are you finally tying the knot with your significant other? Finding the perfect venue for your wedding can be very difficult. 

You want your wedding to be memorable for yourself and for your guests so that starts with the venue. 

Keep reading to discover eight unique wedding venue ideas and find the place where you will be saying “I do” with your special someone. 

1. City, State or National Park

No matter where you live you probably have some pretty parks nearby. Having your wedding in a national park will provide gorgeous scenery for your guests and a great background for your wedding photos.

If you do plan on having your wedding in a national park you will need to make sure to do your research. There are many options depending on if you want to have the ceremony and reception at the same place or just one or the other. 

You will also have to apply for a permit and make sure everyone you’re hiring knows the rules of the national park. Make sure to inform your guests of everything they should know before arriving at your wedding. 

2. Off Shore Wedding

If you want something really unique then have your wedding on a boat. You could choose from a sailboat, yacht, riverboat, or even a ferry. 

It will be a fun experience for everyone. Your pictures will come out great too because the background scenery will be constantly changing. 

There are also some historic ships that are permanently docked that are open for weddings if you’re afraid of getting seasick. 

Getting married on a boat will be a wedding your guests never forget.

3. Barn Wedding

Getting married in nature is very popular right now as you’ve seen from the venues above. Another unique outdoor wedding venue idea would be to get married in a barn. 

A barn wedding venue is more than just a venue, it is an unforgettable experience. Your guests will be very impressed with your rustic decorations and sparkling lights.

This wedding is more of a casual vibe but you can definitely dress it up. You can have a large or even a small wedding in a barn venue. 

4. Zoo

Having your wedding at the zoo may not be for everyone but if you have a passion for animals then this one is for you.

Depending on your zoo, they have beautiful venues and reception areas for your wedding. Zoos will work with you to plan the animal wedding of your dreams.

It could be possible for some of the animals to even make an appearance at your wedding.

You can even incorporate the zoo’s vibes by having a natural or animal theme for your wedding. This type of wedding can have lots of greenery for decorations and is another great idea for an outdoor venue. 

5. Castle Wedding

Do you want something extremely different from your average wedding? Then get married in a castle.

A castle wedding will be an unforgettable experience for everyone. You and your guests will feel like royalty on your special day. 

While there are lots of castles in Europe to have your wedding, there are also quite a few castles in the US that will host your wedding. If you plan to get married in a castle don’t forget the tiara!

6. On the Beach

If you love tropical vibes and sand between your toes, then getting married on the beach may be the venue for you. You can have your guests dress casual or have a fancier dress code but make sure they’re able to walk in the sand.

You will want to make sure your guests are comfortable at your wedding so it may be a good idea to provide them with a beach care package when they get there. You may also want to have a designated spot where they can leave their shoes. 

A beach wedding is very unique and your guests will love to watch the sunset and dance the night away. This would be a perfect and relaxing way to start your marriage.

7. Library or Museum

Have you seen a pretty library or museum near you? This could be the perfect venue for your wedding.

There are many libraries and museums that have great reception areas for weddings with breathtaking decorations and designs. 

You may even be interested in the fact that you’re starting your married off surrounded by books or beautiful artwork.

Getting married in a library or museum is a very uncommon venue and would be perfect for your wedding.

8. Your Own Backyard

Have your wedding in a place that no one else has ever done like your own backyard.

If you have lots of open space, then having your wedding in your backyard could be a great idea. This is the most customizable option and could save you a few bucks. 

There are many different options when it comes to having your wedding close to home. It will be unlike any other and very sentimental for you and your significant other. 

This is for a person who is keen to detail since you will be the one planning everything. 

Perfect Wedding Venue Ideas

You may find it a bit difficult to choose the perfect venue for your special day. But hopefully, with these wedding venue ideas, you can decide on the best venue for you.

Whether you want to get married outside in a barn, on the beach or in a castle there is a venue for everyone.

For more wedding tips and ideas you can bookmark our blog and check back regularly.