6 Injuries Covered By Workers’ Compensation In South Carolina

When it comes to your company and those that work for you, it is important to note the different types of injuries that your workers are exposed to. You need to identify these dangers to help prevent them, but also understand that if they are to occur, they are incidents that can be reported and claimed for workers compensation in South Carolina.  Below are 6 injuries that are presented as risks in many companies.

Strains and Sprains

Strains and sprains are injuries that are covered by workers compensation if suffered on the job.  These injuries are largely due to unsafe physical practices on the worksite. South Carolina Workers Comp identifies strains and sprains as one of the most common types of injuries that can occur in any workplace. These include repetitive tasks resulting in muscle aches, strains, and pulls. Such injuries can be linked to improper lifting procedures or not taking the necessary breaks to help your body prevent such strain and physical toll.   

Slips and Falls

Another category of the most common injuries suffered on the job are those that involve slips and falls.  Such accidents can have varying degrees of severity, ranging from minimal pain or discomfort that will not affect one’s ability to work with severe injuries that will cause the affected person to miss a larger time off work. These types of accidents are due to negligence and are typically attributed to the environment.  In most slip and fall accidents, the surrounding areas are what cause such accidents because things are not clean or well organized. This leads to things on the floor that can be slipped on such as spills of materials or substances. To prevent such accidents, you must be vigilant of your surroundings and aware of any hazards that pose a risk to you or your fellow employees.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents are common accidents that occur in the workforce and are covered by workers compensation. This means that accidents translate well outside the confines of a company and its immediate property. This is because employees are still considered working even if they are off their work sites but operating during company time, or if an accident occurs outside of operating hours but are in company vehicles.  There are different factors that are involved in motor vehicle accidents with workers and employees and it is important to get all the facts to understand if an incident falls under a regular vehicle accident report. 

Struck-by Injuries

Struck-by injuries involve large machines or equipment that is covered by worker’s compensation. This is not the same as motor vehicle accidents, but involves the types of motor equipment and moving objects that large industrial companies work with like cranes, forklifts, pallet jacks, etc. The injuries suffered by those involved in these types of impact accidents tend to be more severe, and are the result of the negligence of other operating employees. These types of injuries and accidents can be avoided through safety checks, accountability of employees and supervision of managers.

Crush Injuries

Another type of injury covered by workers compensation in South Carolina is that of crush injuries. These types of injuries are ones that involve different types of machines and equipment in a company. These are typically high-risk accidents that take place at construction sites or large factories that involve high velocity and heavy machinery.  These injuries occur with the same type of negligence that can result in object struck-by injuries, such as operating deficiency and irresponsibility. When working with employees, it is important to give them the proper knowledge regarding the right safety operating methods.

Occupational Infections and Diseases

Infections and diseases suffered while working or as a result of your occupation are eligible for compensations in South Carolina. These can include cuts and abrasions that become infected. This will also include long term diseases that develop due to work-related issues that include but are not limited to heart problems due to substance and chemical exposure. These types of effects are long-lasting and will greatly differ from other on-site injuries as it will be required to have a health history report to properly claim these ill effects and changes in one’s health.

Understanding these different injury risks is important for your company and the safety of the employees there. If you are an employee for a company with these types of injury risks, it is good knowledge to have and to be aware in the event you are ever involved in one. These are your rights as an employee and you want to know how to be compensated.