5 Rewarding Video Games That Are Making Players Money

Nearly 70% of Americans play video games.

However, have you ever considered the fact that your playing could make you money?

Of course, it is a dream come true to make money playing video games for most players of the modern age! But, you do not need a degree to start playing money making games.

If you start playing the video games in this list then you will see your bank balance increase in no time. Let’s get going: 

1. Second Life is an Oldie but Goodie

Second Life is an online game which is similar in many ways to the Sims. You have an online avatar 3D character and navigate this online world.

You can make money by trading real estate or by selling content, gadgets, concerts or clothing.  

However, users of this game have significantly dropped. In 2013, there were 36 million Second Life accounts. But, only 600,000 estimated users will regularly play.

2. Swagbucks Can Win Anyone a Quick Buck

Currently, Swagbucks is one of the most well known and popular game sites online. 

On this website, there are always tasks to complete in order to win money. You can also play games to win Swagbucks. Each Swagbuck is worth around $0.01. However, the company also gives out rewards and gift cards.  

Better yet, you’ll find that Swagbucks is very easy to sign up to and start using. You’ll be making money online in no time and may even receive a signup bonus.

3. CashPirate will Shiver Your Timbers

This app works in a similar way to Swagbucks. You can download games through the app for free and then earn money for playing them. 

This game pays out via PayPal which may be irritating for some. However, it has great reviews online and is a trusted way to make some extra cash on the side of your job.

4. Play Rummy is for Experienced Rummy Players

Are you a talented rummy player? Then, it should be very easy for you to transfer your skills online. Play Rummy is an app which enables you to play the game whenever you want. 

You may be surprised by how much money you can make by playing rummy through this portal. 

Simply download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play and start playing. 

5. Talented at Video Games? Join Tournaments or Start a YouTube Channel

If none of these options are right for you and you want to make money by playing the video games YOU love, then why not set up a dedicated YouTube channel?

If you have something new and original to say, you can very easily earn money by chatting to the camera and filming yourself playing. Many people will be interested in your cheats or skills. 

Alternatively, you could join tournaments. However, this option isn’t available to regular players as you need to be talented to win money.

But, many people earn money via pubg tournaments by winning battles. Are you talented enough to join pubg tournaments in 2019?

Money Making Games Are Fun to Play

Which of these money making games will you choose to play? There are many more options but these are your best choices! 

If you manage to make enough money from gaming that you can start working from, then you will need these office essentials for freelancers!