4 Tips For Being a Better Sales Coach

It all began with a skillet!

Zig Ziglar, was one of the world’s best sales coach and top motivational speaker. His international career all began from one simple sales job, selling cookware.

It was during his first sales job Zig learned effective strategies to live a fulfilling life, both monetarily, and emotionally. Over the course of his career, he spoke to millions of people, impressing upon them the importance of positivity.

Bad attitudes and low morale can quickly zap all of the life force from your sales team. It’s not uncommon for the energy in the workplace to be less than amazing.

Did you know 64% of employees say they’d consider leaving their job? If you’re coaching a sales team, you need to motivate them to love being where they are. Read on to learn 4 tips for inspiring your team into achieving their top performance.

1. Sales Coach Plan

Individuals in the industry of sales coaching, need to write down their desired outcomes. Right now, take a moment to write down your own personal goals in your career.

Next, write down the goals you have for your team members. Knowing where you want to end up will make it easier for you to keep your eye on the prize.

2. Power of Questions

Statements can cause arguments, while questions provide opportunities to learn. When you’re coaching a team member, try asking them questions.

For example, instead of saying, “Don’t call back 5 times!”. Ask the team member, “Why did you call them back 5 times?”.

Listen to their answer before explaining your company’s rules on callbacks. Make sure you actively listen, so you can hear clearly. Many times the answer will surprise you and uncover additional gaps in information.

Being able to close these gaps could help solve other performance issues. For instance, maybe your team member is performing poorly because they’re wasting time on unnecessary tasks, like excessive callbacks. Redirecting their efforts to more fruitful actions can help them see the results you both want.

3. Learn Their Why

What makes your team members click? Find out why each employee gets out of bed in the morning. When you know why they come to work, you can inspire them by reminding them of their goals.

4. Invest in Accountability

Stop making empty threats. As a leader, your team needs you to follow through. If there’s a consequence for not meeting the sales quota, enforce the consequence without any exceptions. If you want to allow for exceptions, you’ll need to include that in your next team meeting.

Keep it Positive

Finally, a good sales coach knows how to keep things positive. Even when something unplanned, or upsetting happens, you have to be able to lead your team to victory.

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