Games You’re Gonna Need To Control Your Temper

A lot of people suffer from anger management issues. There are various ways to solve such a problem using therapy or other methods to calm down. What you might not realize however is that you can use games designed to help you with controlling your anger in a better way. These different boards, ball, and video games are for all ages and they have a great effect on those who want to learn anger management skills in a fun and relaxing way.

Here are seven great types of games that will help you with your anger.

1. Go fish

Playing a simple game of go fish with your friends or family is a great way to get control over your anger. Make sure that the game does not get too competitive. If you do lose the game make sure to express how you felt. This will develop your anger control so that you can deal with competitive situations without getting angry.

2. Temper tamers

Temper tampers is a game in which certain situations are written on pieces of paper and then put into a jar. The jar is passed around and each player picks a random slip of paper. According to what the paper asks the player, they will either act something out, tell a story about themselves, or share something with the other players. This is great for larger groups.

3. Online card games

Online card games are a way for adults mainly to try controlling their anger issues. These games ensure that you are having fun while at the same time giving you control over your anger. Betting games, although are very competitive are a way for you to exert control over your anger issues. Https:// has more information on these types of games.

4. RAGE control

RAGE control is a video game designed by specialists for those who have problems controlling their temper. This interactive game is built in a way to bring you calm and peace, yet still, is competitive and enjoyable for gamers.

5. Mad Dragon

This game is pretty much like UNO but is designed for people who have temper controlling issues. Mad Dragon is a card game that is won by the person who finishes his cards first. This game also has a resemblance to the card game crazy eight, but helps with anger management by making the players use various anger management techniques.

6. Jenga

Jenga or other games that can be done as a group such as board games are great to build teamwork as well as control over your temper. This game shows how being in control helps you in winning the game, unlike if you were angry and not careful while playing. Other board games show those who have anger issues that even if they lose, it is not a justified cause to be angry.

7. Catch

Playing a simple game of catch with someone is a great way to channel your anger in a way that will not hurt you or those around you. Throwing a ball around is great to take all of the negative energy filling you and getting rid of it healthily.

Take control

If you are looking for a way to have fun as well as learn various techniques to control your temper to lead a healthier lifestyle, these seven games are going to help you wonderfully. Most of these games are great for all age ranges so that whether you are a child, adult, or a teenager, you are sure to find a game that will help you take control of your temper.