You Wouldn’t Believe It: 7 Fun Facts About Celebrities

Regardless of their wealth, fame, and glamour, when it gets down to it, celebrities are humans just like us. They cook, cuddle their pets, go out with friends, and spend time with family when they’re not in the spotlight.

If you love celebrity culture, you’re probably more invested in celebrities’ lives than the average person. You probably know about all the scandals, breakups, and highlights of many famous people.

Even so, there are probably a few things you didn’t know about certain celebrities. Here, we’re going to share our favorite fun facts about celebrities. Keep reading to find out what they are!

1. Laverne Cox Is a Trans Queen

Are you an Orange Is The New Black fan? Star Laverne Cox is known for her role in the drama, but she’s also accomplished much more in terms of being a representative of the trans community.

Apart from producing her very own TV series titled ‘TRANSform Me’, Cox was the first trans person to appear on the cover of Vogue and Times Magazine. She was also named The Most Beautiful Woman by People Magazine. Now that’s a queen!

2. Lady Gaga Writes Songs Wicked Fast

Everyone knows and has jammed out to Lady Gaga’s hits ‘Just Dance’ and ‘Born This Way’. However, most people don’t know that our short icon wrote these two songs in just 10 whole minutes.

3.┬áJohnny Depp’s Ironic Allergy

When Johnny Depp was a child, he was allergic to chocolate. This is especially ironic since he is well-known for this role in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, in which he plays a chocolate-obsessed man!

4. Robert Downey Jr. Loves Burger King

Who doesn’t enjoy a Whopper every now and then? Robert Downey Jr. has admitted to loving the fast-food restaurant and has even claimed that it helped him get through his drug addiction!

5. Liam Payne’s Odd Phobia

This handsome ex-member of boyband One Direction is known for his angelic singing voice, but there’s something about him that you probably weren’t aware of. Payne has a fear of spoons (yes, spoons!).

It turns out that Payne isn’t the only one with this fear either; “koutaliaphobia” is a real thing!

6. Madonna’s Equestrian Mishap

Madonna doesn’t really strike us as the “horse girl” type, but in August 2005, she fell off of a horse and ended up suffering from three cracked ribs, a broken hand, and a broken collarbone. Ouch!

7. Blonde Elvis

Every picture we’ve seen of Elvis Presley shows his lush, silky black hair. But did you know that Elvis was actually a natural blonde? When the singing legend was born he had bright blonde hair!

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