Yes, I give my dog CBD and here’s why

When I brought my dog home from the rescue I adopted him through he was a feral 1 ½-year-old cocker spaniel named “Thor”. It was time for some TLC and a rebrand. I changed his name to Theodore (Theo for short), showered him with love and dog toys, gave him full reign of my home and took him out to socialize. I quickly learned that you can take the dog out of the rescue but you can’t just take the years of trauma, neglect, and anxiety out of the dog.

Theodore’s good looks and quirky personality are what make him a total showstopper. He is as cute as he is loving and walks with a pep in his step wherever he goes, but his anxiety has manifested itself in some interesting ways. He can be extremely hyper and needing of an inordinate amount of attention. When he is stressed he has a tendency to compulsively hump inanimate objects, everything from pillows, dog toys, blankets, dog beds, etc. He also has a fear of garbage trucks, fire trucks, carrier trucks and mailmen, which can be challenging when living and walking in a busy city. Most problematic is his fear of groomers and the vet, he has been booted from three different groomers and the vet has started to require that I give him a sedative before his appointments.

To help manage these behaviors I tried everything from training, to diet changes, lots of exercise

and lots of attention, and while some days it seemed to help take the edge off there was still a level of underlying angst I couldn’t seem to address.

That’s when a friend suggested I give him CBD. Plagued with anxiety at times myself I am very familiar with CBD and have used it to help manage my own anxious feelings. I really enjoyed Medterra for my own personal use and liked that their CBD tinctures are lab tested,  free of THC, very effective at curtailing my anxiety and I feel safe taking it. I was excited to see they offer a line for pets and bought a tincture of their Medterra Pets 300MG unflavored oil to try with Theodore.


I was pleasantly surprised at how effective the CBD was for Theo. It helped curtail his behavioral issues without affecting his personality. I hate the way he is on sedatives, they are effective but he’s not himself on them and I always feel guilty giving them to him. CBD, on the other hand, has positive benefits, like helping him to be more relaxed and less aggressive, without the negative side effects of extreme lethargy and disorientation.

CBD is natural, safe,  and easy to give. I just add a dropper to his food in the morning and evening and he scarfs it right down with his kibble. I have noticed the CBD to be most effective when given to him daily.

Now when I pick him up from the groomer they tell me what a “good boy” he is, this is a huge relief because I know that means he is no longer anxious and suffering through his whole wash and cut. He’s also better mannered in public, even amongst scary trucks and mailmen. I have finally found the solution to his underlying angst and would recommend CBD to anyone that finds themselves in a similar conundrum with their pet. It has truly been a game changer!