Will Charlatan And Mucho Gusto Reign Baffert’s Stint At 2021 Pegasus Cup?

Amidst the schedule complications brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic last year, the horse racing community remained grateful since major horse racing shows continued to work out. As the brand new year begins, another prestigious tournament is about to celebrate in a few weeks from now.

The 2021 Pegasus World Cup, which is one of the world’s richest horse racing competitions, will kick-off on January 23, 2021. It will feature all racehorses who dominated the notable racing competitions last year together with the previous winners. That said, there are many things to anticipate in the Pegasus, especially the betting games.

Last month, the official list of invitees was sent out by Stronach Group, naming the eligible horses to run at Pegasus. Two of these entries were from Bob Baffert, who has always been part of experts picks when it comes to popularity and odds ranking? Will these Hall of Fame trainers dominate the Pegasus this year? Will one of his entries make it first in the finish line?

Bob Baffert In the Year 2020

Bob Baffert is a seasoned racehorse trainer who has been part of major horse racing shows such as the U.S. Triple Crown Series, Breeders’ Cup, and the Pegasus World Cup. He was first hailed as a Hall of Fame Trainer in  2009. Presently, he held more than three thousand titles in different tournaments he competed in since birth.

In 2020, he started his victory upon sending  Mucho Gusto in the 2020 Pegasus World Cup. After that, he let Authentic wrestle at the Kentucky Derby, where he surprised the crowd and dispatched the undefeated Tiz The Law. Not only that, but Baffert didn’t stop chasing more wins by sending the same entry at the Breeders’ Cup Classic, where he brought home the bacon.

Looking into his current achievements, Bob Baffert is now ranked as 23rd place via earnings and 3rd place via the most number of wins. In the upcoming Pegasus World Cup challenge, he will have two entries to anticipate. Let’s meet them.

Mucho Gusto

Expectedly, Bob Baffert’s Mucho Gusto is one of the official invitees at the Pegasus World Cup this year to defend his title.  Last year, this colt didn’t get too much attention as many other strong contenders were in the field. However, at the starting gate, Mucho Gusto looked solid and led all the wires until he reached the finish line leaving all other horses behind him.

A day after winning the Pegasus, Mucho Gusto retired and was sent home by his trainer because of a soft tissue injury. Nobody expected that this horse would run again, but he is running to secure a back-to-back title to everyone’s surprise. Before he got a signal to run at Pegasus again, Mucho Gusto entered two prestigious competitions last year.


Last year, Mucho Gusto traveled to King Abdulaziz Racecourse to run for the Saudi Cup. Although he failed to win the major prize, he landed in 4th place. After that, he participated in the San Antonio Stakes held at Santa Anita Park last December 26, 2020, where he also got 4th place. Can Mucho Gusto retain his Pegasus honor this year?


Bob Baffert’s second and final entry to the 2021 Pegasus World Cup is Charlatan. He’s one of the horses that got an impressive line to win the Pegasus.  This colt started working out on May 14, 2020, at Allowance Optional Claiming held at Santa Anita Park. After that, he proceeded to the Arkansas Derby, where he won the Division 1 title.

After his stint at the Arkansas Derby, Charlatan was unable to finish his Triple Crown journey. He suffered from an ankle injury leading him to miss the Belmont Stakes and Kentucky Derby. Like his stablemate Mucho Gusto, Charlatan took some rest and did workouts to confirm his berth in this year’s Pegasus Cup.

Last December 26, 2020, Charlatan made an epic comeback after competing at Santa Anita  Park for the Malibu Stakes. He immediately earned the title, and this was his third race where he consistently maintained first place in the starting wire. Now that he’s one of the official entrants to the 2021 Pegasus World Cup, can he redeem himself and earn the title giving Baffert another fame?


As Bob Baffert sent the two strongest horses in this year’s Pegasus World Cup showdown, all eyes will surely be on him. Mucho Gusto will vie to win the title in two consecutive years, while Charlatan is about to prove his worth after missing the U.S.  Triple Crown Series. Both of these horses will give spice to make the 5th edition of Pegasus more memorable.

Will these horses give their best shot, so Baffert remains the best racehorse trainer today? Or will other contenders defeat them? We’ll wait and see.